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Suzanne turns the world upside down!

A look at how she sees the world through her trusty lens.
Suzanne Ladd sees the world differently from most of us, blessed as she is with an eye for detail and the unusual. So it was that we were privileged to view the world through the window of her lens on Thursday, when she presented us with her images and explained her reasons for taking them.

Eager always to learn, Suzanne first briefed us on the things she does to remind herself what is required of an image before she sets out. Knowing about the rule of thirds and desirability of odd numbers does not always make for a good photo, as we all know when plagued by dappled sunlight in otherwise glorious woodland. and boring skies above spectacular landscapes, and Suzanne aptly demonstrated how she strives to overcome all this when taking photos, whilst maintaining her firm belief that her photography is “just for me”.

An avid traveller whose adventures have been somewhat curtailed of late, Suzanne has nevertheless made the most of all that our Jurassic Coast, Dartmoor and Bath can offer. Visits to Bridport yielded many opportunities to explore light and viewpoints as well as bodies on the beach, a wouldbe fisherman in low gear, and the magic of triangles in her compositions. Fascinated by the patterns made by ice on the windscreen and shadows thrown by railings on walkways, Suzanne described how she uncharacteristically approached complete strangers, who were delighted to allow her to photograph their legs and silhouette them against the buildings or on hilltops. Closer to home, the relative tranquility of Wells and Vicars’ Close at sundown drew her to local allotments and interesting conversations with those who toil there for her “Day in the Life of…” project, so that henceforth she knows there will always be a warm welcome there for her!

The pebbles and the rocks of the Jurassic Coast draw Suzanne time and time again, so that she sees ducks emerging from stones around the rockpools, pencils on chimney pots and pictures in the pebbles that we mere mortals usually miss. She took us on a journey of abstraction with Intentional Camera Movement in all directions, but found time to help us marvel at the colours and the patterns in the Tulips and the Sunflowers in which she annually delights

On Dartmoor she sought out Tors and meandered through rural woodlands, frustrated by leaden skies and the harsh highlights of the midday sun, but enjoying the floral delights and the freedom to roam. It was a very unusual presentation that made us think, and re-think our own approaches to the beauty that is there before us every time we venture out. We can all learn a lesson from Suzanne’s obvious delight in the babble of bluebells amidst the tangled brackens of Dartmoor, that cried out for some judge to cry “gardening” but which Suzanne decided was fine just as it was.

Next week our efforts to take images of “Buildings” will be judged- kindly we hope, and the week after we are all reminded to bring along the winning images in all categories of Picture of the Year to the Annual Awards Dinner.

Jenny Short 10.03.2023