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The mystery that is Geoff Noad!

Discover the hidden depths of this intrepid member!
Quiet, reflective Geoff Noad, is a long-standing member of our society who is always ready to lend a hand where needed, whether it be to record in photos key moments in our awards ceremony, or to cut the mounts to prepare entries for inter-club competitions. On Thursday it was his turn to lead our evening. Featuring stills and audio visuals, his was a varied programme, that gave us further insights into his unique approach to life in general, and to photography in particular.

Geoff enters club competitions less often than many, but his stunning landscape images, taken on a recent trip to South Wales, certainly merit more attention. Often taken from precarious viewpoints under threatening skies, using a wide angled lens, the images of the Heritage Coast around Port Talbot and Porthcawl were dramatic and engaging. Equally eye catching were his holiday records of the Golden Temple of Amritsar and its surrounds, awash with the inevitable sacred cows, busy street vendors and native craftsmen and women. These contrasted starkly, in terms of cultural heritage, with those of Glastonbury in 2011 that brought back memories for many of the magic of the mayhem and music, (which for others were reminders of why they have never been!). Geoff’s photos of the characters and the scenes of this iconic event, embedded as it is in our traditional Somerset summer, certainly depicted the festival in all its glory. Together with a later AV presentation that featured a vast array of masks and costumes, plumes and feathers that graced a Venice Carnival, this reminded us just how good Geoff is at capturing informal portraits in candid contexts.

Ever the master dabbler in the art of Photoshop, Geoff displayed some of his artistry with a series of his own photos, many taken in and around National Trust properties, that he had skilfully transformed into painterly images in the style of a range of old masters such as Monet and Van Gogh, using Corel painter. As always Geoff threw in a quick lesson on another of his Photoshop skills, explaining the use of layers to build up an image of planets in space- a technique that was, and probably remains, a mystery to the rest of us, but one that was admired by all.

It was an entertaining evening that had us tapping our feet and singing along with Elvis and Johnny Cash on a trip to Sun Studios in Memphis and sharing a tipple with Jack Daniels in the distillery that bears his name in Lynchburg, Tennessee. It seems that there are many hidden depths to this particular member that are revealed through his camera and computer when he works on images from his travels near and far! Geoff’s contribution to our rich and varied programme was warmly appreciated.

Our programme for 2019/20 is nearing completion, thanks to our Secretary, Jill Toman, and details of April to September are now on the website, together with all the images from our recent awards for POTY 2018. Why not explore our galleries on ? You might be inspired to join our group!

At our next meeting (11th April) Geoff Wood, who recently gave an interesting talk entitled “Abstraction: The Art of Seeing”, will be the judge of our Digital Competition Entries “Abstract”.

Jenny Short 22.03.19