Members are keener than ever to share their images!
The lockdown is easing gradually, and it raises the possibility of get togethers that are more than virtual which is good news particularly for those who live alone and miss the company of members. With this in mind small groups have met up to explore, at appropriately social distancing, local venues of interest such as Priston, Lytton Reservoir and Paulton Basin. As always, photographers love to share and talk about their images. They do so regularly through the weekly challenges , but now the summer walks are becoming established it seems a good idea to put a few images up on the website for general enjoyment.

To this end I have created a new GALLERY as a sub gallery of MEMBERS called “Members’ Lockdown Walks.” The first images are from Dan who has not been able to join us so far due to work commitments, and his is the Header Image that you see.

If you want to, just send me a few images from the communal walks resized with height no more than 800 and bearing place and name as follows eg Paulton_Basin_Your_Name. I shall simply post them as I receive them into the gallery and delete older images as and when we run out of space. It will be good to keep the website alive and interesting so thanks for the suggestion.
in the meantime...... keep being CHALLENGED and keep the critique coming in.

Here we go then with the comments on last week’s GARDEN THROUGH A WINDOW CHALLENGE:

Jenny says:
Tony: My favourite is Through the kitchen window- I like the ICM skills coming back but the composition and angle that you present the image is spot on for me! The Bathtime is nicely frozen with that little chap I find the grasses a bit distracting and might have cropped ritght into eliminate the rh side of bowl. The grasses are well composed and the light is great. DOF is lovely and shallow whilst retaining the detail in the subject.
Pamela: Again nice to see you practising the ICM in the pond one. You like the low POV in Wind in the grasses but I don’t get a sense of the movement from this. Easily my favourite is the black and white Rear Window I like the angle you have taken it and it really for me echoes the header image although it is so vague!!
Jill Favourite is the blue flowers I have loads in my garden and I love the delicacy of this treatment. Would be interested in the processing- was it a fiter? The view from your lounge is lovely and why are the clouds always so dramatic over you? Your squirrel is nicely caughtin the act Nice detail and I like the backlit effect.
Jane R: From the kitchen I am not sure is in focus front to back- check f stop and focus? Nice colours though. I love the angle of the fern and the lighting as well. The Sweet Peas are great_I agree you need more space around the subject to make more of the reflection. Could you have moved back more? It needs space top as well as bottom for me.
Janice: Grey- I like I like the textures and can feel the damp! The blinds make it for me. Pink I like the square crop and the fact you fill the frame so well. The details in lilac, the diagonal lead in and the damp feel again all add up. The “ladybird” is a it distracting on the right.

Graham: I do like Iris Buckwheat- colour, composition and framing all work so well. I often crop too close I know – wondering if just a tad more space around the flower would make it even better?I enjoyed your Pheasant story and good to see it finally stood up! Not sure if the white wooden frame adds to the image but if that is the view that is the view! The general one of the garden is very pleasant- nice focus back to front I think lovely!
Suzanne: I like the view through the window The way the fish is focused and the rest blurred is very effective. From the garden is nicely composed and focused I might have removed the in focus leaf on the left as it takes my eye away from the roses a bit and it is on the same plane so you can’t do it with DOF. I understand the joy of grandson back in the garden again Like the photo but think it woud be even better if the dog was looking into the image rather than out of it.

Pamela says:
All these lovely views of gardens.

Jenny. The yellow flower
stands out and I’m glad you explained the procedure.I might give it a
go. My favourite is is the window.I love the texture and the
composition reminds me of days gone by.
Jill. I’m not sure how you did
the flower but it is lovely, like a painting. Unwelcome visitor is
beautifully lit and very cute even if a little unwelcome. Think of it
like a dandelion; some think they are weeds, I find them easy to grow
so to me they are flowers.
Jane R. I really like sweet peas and such a
beautiful colour. The way the flowers fall in front just adds something
to it. I can see some reflection but I would prefer just a black
background. I like the fern but my favourite is very much sweet
Graham. Your flowers always look perfect. Buckwheat is really
eye-catching, lovely colour.
Janice. I feel grey depicts a sense of
being trapped, both in terms of the weather and lockdown. It’s sad and
rather disturbing; it works very well and I like it. Lavender/lilac is
well composed but I think the ‘ladybird’ should have been re-homed
Tony. I absolutely love through the window. The colour is great
and enough movement but not too much. I like the idea of grasses and I
think it would work very well if the background was completely blurred.
The long ‘bit’ is a bit distracting. Lovely little bird having a
Suzanne. Damp view made me laugh. A lockdown fish? Lovely shades
of green. In the garden. I like the social distancing between the young
man and the dog.

Janice says :
[i]Suzanne - Damp View, great use of the fish as a lead in to the
lovely green shades of the garden. From My Garden works well on the
diagonal and the colours are stunning. However, I do agree with
Jenny’s comment re the leaf on the left hand side. Again At Last will
be a poignant reminder of our present situation. A clever and thought
provoking image. The lack of interaction between your Grandson and the
dog emphasises social distancing in my opinion.
Tony – Bathtime is a
delightful capture. Nit picking, I’m bothered because I cannot see the
left hand side of the bird bath. Great use of ICM in Through The
Window. Just the right amount of movement so we can still identify the
subject. Good composition and lighting in Grasses.
Graham – Our Garden
is nicely composed and shows off all your hard work. I like the
recession of plant pots in Looking Out but find the white chair in the
foreground rather distracting. My favourite of your images is
Buckwheat. Here you are doing what you do best. Beautiful subtle
Pamela – Lovely tonal range in Rear Window and the frame on
the diagonal is perfect. The empty lounger adds to the story too. Wind
In The Grasses is a good concept but the grasses are too static I feel.
Wasn’t that a great sky though! Super colours in The Pond and the
right amount of swirl to allow us to recognise the objects. Clever use
of ICM.
Jane R – From The Window shows off your well established
garden. The bench and steps lead nicely to the top lawn. The Fern sits
nicely in the frame and the lighting is good too. My favourite is
Sweetpeas. I never find photographing glass objects easy but you’ve
handled this really well. I like the arrangement of the flowers and
the black background is perfect for the beautiful pink sweetpeas.
– The composition of Front Garden works so well. The large pot on the
right hand side acts as a ‘stopper’ and together with the path draws
your attention into and through the image. Lovely colours too. Inside
Looking Out is a simple but clever composition and the frosted filter
adds another dimension. From your description, the Yellow Flower
technique sounded very interesting. I admire the fact you like to have
a go at something different. Great colour and texture.
Jill – I would
have From The Garden framed and hanging on my wall. I love how you
have achieved this delicate effect, it’s gorgeous. Lovely rim lighting
and a good pose well caught in Unwelcome. What a lovely garden to look
out on from the Lounge Window. The sky, the colours, the light and the
composition all work really well in this image.

[iJane L says:]
have enjoyed the glimpses into other people’s gardens and
envious of how tidy they manage to keep them! I particularly liked the
inclusion of the window in the looking out section giving a context to
the views I was seeing.

Jenny’s Front Garden is great. Now to the
photograph: like the limited red & green palette, the curves of the
foreground pot and landscaping leading in to the chairs. Inside Looking
Out definitely fits the brief for what can be seen just standing inside
a window and watching. Frosting brings atmosphere.
Janice’s inclusion
of the blinds in Grey works well as a barrier to the outside on a wet
day. I like the angle, the positioning of the garden features and
dampness of the paving. Love the understated treatment of the roses in
Pink, the circular view and the colour and clarity of the flowers.

Suzanne’s Damp View is creative. Like the vertical format and the
right amount of blur in the garden. I see the point of the In My Garden
Again shot but the empty chair bothers me even though I know Suzanne
was there taking the picture!
Jill’s From the Garden reminds me of a
botanical painting. I like its simplicity yet so much detail in the
flowers. I think the squirrel should be thanked for the photo
opportunity it provided: outstretched profile, nice backlight and
unobtrusive background.
Tony’s Grass is a good subject, well lit.
Although blurred, some of the background is still discernable. Maybe
adjusting the viewing angle could have made it more abstract? The
Bathtime robin is a good capture. What would it look like cropped to a
letterbox and straightened a tad I wonder?
I love Jane R’s Sweetpeas,
beautifully lit. I like the vase reflection but it goes too far imv.
The pink at the bottom is unnecessary and distracting. In contrast, the
space above the blooms has been left too small. A winner for me
otherwise. I like the simplicity and form of the Fem. The dappled light
adds interest but could it be toned down a little?
The black and white
treatment of Pamela’s Rear Window works especially giving strength to
the frame in the view.
Graham’s Buckwheat is bold and beautiful. Great
detail and colour. Still not keen on the faux framing but that’s
personal preference I guess.

Suzanne says :

JANICE: Your picture- GREY was certainly taken on a grey day but it has a harmonising restful colour scheme even so. The wet slabs and dampness gives a different atmosphere to this image and it was certainly best viewed from the window! It’s sharp throughout and I like the use of the blinds as part of your composition. I reckon you could use them in future pics. LILAC- A vibrant patch of lavender which was just waiting to be photographed - a square format position suits it. I like the viewpoint with its wall lead in. PINK - Great to fill the frame with this beautiful rose. I like the subtle circular effect you have used.
JANE R: Love- IN THE GARDEN best as the light and colour green is super, as is your lead in line. I Love ferns! - SWEET PEAS: I like this image too, pastel colours, good composition and for me, I don’t need the reflection, maybe just a tad for the vase to sit on. GRDN FROM KITCHEN WINDOW – Seems pretty sharp, colourful and you’ve thought about lead in lines- your garden would make me wash and clean from that position all day!
JENNY: INSIDE LOOKING OUT- I like the frosted glass effect, also, the splash of red the geranium gives through the bottom right pane and the way you positioned the upright in the door to conceal the fence post. Its use of vertical/horizontal lines makes it my favourite. IN THE FRONT GARDEN – I could jump/ hop around your sharp picture with its strong colours and seat near the end to land on! Good composition and a strong bit of sky - a bonus. Nice petal details in- FROM THE GARDEN, strong colour and flower position but for me, it’s a shame the shrub is behind it.
JILL: LOUNGE WINDOW VIEW – taken at the right “light” time and not a weed in sight! UNWELCOME IN... Even so, sharp, well spotted and captured. Perhaps he may not revisit! FROM THE GRDN- A sharp version of this delicate flower with a backdrop that enhances it. Lovely effect! All good pictures.
PAMELA: I love REAR WINDOW – (Isn’t there a film with the same title?) It’s a strong, sharp, punchy image, lots of contrast and B/W suits it. I like having part of the window in the composition too. The shape and form of the garden furniture, shrubs and fence lead you around and into the field beyond. I feel it just doesn’t need colour. WIND IN THE GRASSES- a simple idea which if you retake on a windier day-play around with shutter speeds/filter etc it would improve the effect- even try taking it from a lower angle. However, maybe that’s not what you wanted. I tried a similar thing recently and that’s what I now have to do! – IN THE GARDEN POND –Not you I hope! An interesting picture which is full of colour and a circular movement which keeps me guessing. How many items can I spot?
GRAHAM: BUCKWHEAT is my favourite. Nature’s colours-lovely. It’s sharp and fills the frame -would look good on the wall. Your other two garden images are full with plants of all shapes and sizes. You must have colour year-round. The only thing missing is a PLANT FOR SALE SIGN!
TONY: GRASSES – I like this sharp image and its lovely light showing their detail. THROUGH THE KITCHEN WINDOW – The splash of blue and great movement makes this image my favourite. Davey Crockett’s hat came to mind! BATH TIME- Your robin made a nice splash, well captured with good colour. I agree with altering the position a bit re the bird table also the piece of string/wire/plant is distracting. I hope he revisits for you to take his picture again.