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Scissors Arches Wells by Rose Atkinson.

Venturing away from the horizontal and the vertical!

A lesson in Intentional Camera Movement from an expert!
Members were very pleased to welcome Rose Atkinson as a speaker on Thursday at our venue in Midsomer Norton. Rose is a member of the Mid Somerset Camera Club, and spoke passionately about her creative use of Intentional Camera Movement (ICM).

It was a lively and entertaining presentation that inspired us, and left many highly motivated to go out there and just have a go. We were also very privileged to view the panels of prints for which she recently gained an RPS award. These were of a really high quality, and illustrated just how talented she is in this genre
We were entertained by her early memories of her first steps in photography, encouraged by her own father and a succession of cameras, initially crafted from plastic and wood, and later purchased and proudly practised upon. During her talk, Rose skilfully took us on a virtual tour of the endless possibilities that ICM affords us, whilst acknowledging that the genre is not for everyone-likening it to something akin to Marmite! However, she set out with determination to convince us that at the very least we might try it and be surprised!! In this she certainly succeeded.

We were treated to images created by a range of acclaimed photographers from Haas to Malm and beyond, to the more contemporary Day and Karlovac. All had developed their own styles, largely through trial and error, over time, as she herself has, painting with light, using the camera as a brush to suggest the essence of a scene and encapsulate emotions, rather than to simply record the moment. Rose’s own work is full of emotion and colour and shape. Her images are often painterly and resemble watercolours in their subtlety. She took us out of our comfort zones of vertical, horizontal and possibly rotational camera movement, into the realms of jiggles and flips, layers and circles, eventually showing how she combines moments of stillness with motion and multiple exposures, leading us to the understanding that anything was indeed possible.

Rose was very clear in her advice to us “Just respond to your senses….go with the flow and shoot anything. The possibilities are endless, and you will find your own unique style.” It was a very welcome message and her suggestion that we perhaps follow up the evening by considering her walks round Wells, with further tuition, was very well received. Rose and her ideas are welcome at NRPS anytime!

Next week we will seek to entertain Hanham Camera Club at their invitation explaining our varied approaches and showing the outcomes of our photographic endeavours to hopefully equal enthusiast.

Jenny Short. 13.10.2023