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Ferry over the border to Cornwall by Janice Cuer

Janice's Jaunts !

Images that prompt and prod.
Our AGM was well attended albeit on Zoom, and the business of the day was duly addressed and discussed. We still have a few more decisions to make going forward ,but all in all we got the job done !

Janice Cuer then picked up the programme for the rest of the evening having postponed her input into the joint evening planned with Jane Richardson for last week, once they both realised the amount of material each had to offer.
Janice’s photography is very personal to her, and extremely well considered. Her interests are wide and varied, ranging from historical aspects, associated with wartime, a passion she that she shares with her husband, to the colour and atmosphere at local wassailing. Her photos, and things she observes, often trigger personal memories, just as we as members are reminded through her images that she comes from Plymouth, continues to be obsessed by bridges and viaducts, and is far more interested in trees than fungi or people!!

Visits to Sherborne Abbey had triggered memories of a relative killed in a battle, and photos of troops in line marching away from their loved ones made her recall her grandmother’s tales and the relatives lost by the family in both wars. The stories associated with these were fascinating, and brought to life by her humour and empathy. She encouraged us last summer to visit the abandoned village of Imber on Salisbury plain that she had frequented when buildings there were more accessible and open than they were on that day. As a result we had her inimitable look through the lens, and individual take on, the fences and barriers, that for her spoke of the atmosphere of the place.

Janice enjoys a number of mini breaks with friends and family, and the photos she recently took in the Devon area reflected the enduring land and seascapes around Plymouth and along the shores of the Tamar with Drakes island and Naval buildings on the horizon, as well as the inevitable bridges! These blended seamlessly with lilies floating on water, images of light and colour from Longleat and Bath at Christmas, and her fascination with the ageing drummer from Herman’s Hermits – remember them ? Janice is a regular visitor to the MSN Rugby ground where she practises her sports photography skills, determined in her ambition to be the “line out queen” ! However, we were also treated on this occasion to some polo shots that pushed her to freeze the action and blur the cluttered backgrounds that so offend her eye!

It was a pleasant end to our evening of serious discussion and included more than one image where Janice persists in her pursuit of abstraction through intentional camera movement- long may it continue!

We have handed in our efforts for the “Buildings” competition which is upcoming, and are reminded that the Annual Awards dinner is just around the corner, after Suzanne Ladd leads the evening next week .

Jenny Short 03. 03. 2023