Techniques and technicalities.
From Jenny:
I really found it hard to comment on this set of photos photos for their photographic merit as they were often record shots or in the case of the portraits, a bit quirky!
I am always drawn to reflections that are captured and then inverted so these were my favourites I think with many verging on the abstract.

I loved Janice’s Country Home with lovely vibrant colours and great composition, and the Gateshead swing bridge with its sweeping arc and architectural reflections I thought was stunning. .
Grahams Stourhead had great colour , and I felt if the swans at the top had been cropped it would have truly been an abstract. The Ripple Effect was more standard fare, but very colourful again ,making the most of the Autumn scenery that lends itself to the reflection theme. I liked Jane Rs reflected inversion too, but I would wouldn't I? The view from the bedroom was a good record shot. Pamela's landscapes are becoming more abstract and moody by the week! I particularly
liked the Soul Searching but the sentiment of the Misty one was also very thought provoking.

Graham’s humour shone through with the Flowerpot portrait and the Screwfix ad which was well seen. I found the portraits all quite humorous but mostly record shots of street photography rather than true portraiture Jane’s skateboard one I felt would be better in band w to get rid of background distraction, but I did like the sparks flying with nothing but hands and feet . it was the sort of shot i was looking for but didn't find.

Pamela’s decapitation was a bit drastic! but I like the idea, and the very contrasty black and white presentation . Diana’s Koala was cute and fitted the bill well. My favourite portrait was Bill’s street homeless person, but I like the funny ones too and Janice managed to get Martin once more into hers I see- not sure he knew though!!!

Suzanne as always followed the light very successfully best one for me is the "We will remember them " as it incorporates the reflection in the water and the sentiment of rememberance. The colour is ovely and the diagonals well placed. Cracking shot. The "My hobby is.." is creative and reflection is there too so again well matched to task and good use of technique Part of me wants the whole of the reflection but it stands as it is so well done . The other two were well seen and fitted the brief- is that Geoff looking for a deal?

I do hope someone else will be commenting but understand if not!

From Pamela

PORTRAITS. I agree with Jenny, it's not easy commentating on this challenge so I am just adding a few overall comments.
Entries were different and some photos made me laugh but the ones I really liked were 1.Bill's sitting in the rain. A sensitive photo. 2. Janice -Photo opportunity is good, It's colourful and the face obscured enough to fill the brief. 3. I also liked when life was normal because it made me smile.

LANDSCAPE. 1. I like Jenny's autumn inverted; the colours work well. The B&W version is interesting but I prefer the colour one. 2. Jane R. I really like reflective tree, the colours are good and it's artistic. 3.Reflective view is interesting and eye-catching but I think I would have cropped the left-hand side.4. Country home is good and I like the ripple effect.

I love all Suzanne's shots, in particular," We will remember them." There are so many ways to read this photo - remembering through reflections, blurred memories, abstract thoughts and so on.