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Traditional wins the awards!

Disappointment for anyone venturing outside the norm.
The May Open Competition attracted the usual 30 plus entries in each category, but anyone who was a little bit experimental in their approach did not get very far. Landscapes prevailed overall, and whilst Jill and Tony deserved the awards in both categories , as did all those placed, it was a shame that many of the comments made by the judge on those that did not make the cut, did little to encourage those who tried something a bit different, outside their personal comfort zones.

It was really good to have Margot join us on Zoom for the first time and although she is still wrestling with the technology , she enjoyed the contact even though she had no sound, and is going to try again next week It was really good to see her again.



Commended Tony Nineham, Bill Collett twice , Jane Lewis and Jill Toman
Highly Commended: Jane LewisGraham Nicholls and Bill Collett

3rd place went to Jill Toman with "Hawthorn Tree at Holwell Tor"
2nd placed Diana Walker with "Great Spotted Woodpecker"
Winning photo: Jill Toman with " A Different View of the Matterhorn"

Mono Section:

Commended: Graham Nicholls, Diana Walker,Suzanne Ladd, Bill Collett, Jenny Short
Highly Commended: Diana Walker, Jill Toman, Jane Richardson

3rd: Jenny Short with "Early Learning"
2nd: Tony Nineham with Locked Down Cambridge Punts
Winning photo: Jill Toman's "Tidal Pathway"