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Bits of Cars Janice Cuer

October Challenge: Triptychs

Cars and butterflies rule!
Ralph Snook, well known travel and nature photographer, joined us using Zoom on Thursday to judge our October Competition, which was entitled “Triptych”. We were unusually beset by technical problems, that we eventually solved, but Ralph was very patient as he waited, and explained carefully the criteria he feels are important to the genre.

Ralph was looking for the triptychs that told a story, or focused upon interesting subject matter. He was also concerned about the overall quality of the individual images, and the balance that was achieved by the author between the three individual ones. Encouraged by Suzanne Ladd’s success in our previous Triptych competition, several of us submitted at least one image that Ralph described as “sliced”, (one image divided into three separate ones side by side). However, Ralph explained that these were not, in his opinion, strictly defined as triptychs. This is specified by other camera clubs in their criteria, and there clearly remains some confusion amongst our members over the acceptable photographic definition, so we will need to clarify this for future reference.

Ralph gave useful, very clear, feedback, and was true to his stated priorities, referring often to the story behind the entry, as well as the technical details of composition, balance, colour and consistency. These were well received, and hopefully any future efforts to produce Triptychs will benefit from his advice, and from the time that he had obviously taken to consider our submissions, for which he was warmly thanked.

The colour competition was won by Jane Lewis with her butterflies “At Haddon Hill”, whilst Jenny Short took second place with the Peps Ventosa inspired rendering of the flowers called “Cosmos”. Janice Cuer took 3rd place with her “Poppies”. Jill Toman , Jane Richardson and Graham Nicholls were Highly Commended, and Jane Richardson and Jane Lewis had their second entry in this class Commended.

Janice Cuer had more success in the Mono competition with her excellent “Bits of Cars” whilst Diana Walker was 2nd with “Red Squirrels” and Jane Richardson drew again on her recent USA trip to take 3rd place with “Swish of Hair”. Both Jill Toman’s entries were Highly Commended and an entry from each of Graham Nicholls and Tony Nineham was Commended.

All the images that made the final cut can now be viewed on the Gallery on our website, and are worth a look. Next week is again a Zoom session when Marko Dukta will lead the evening with a presentation called “At the Going Down of the Sun.”

Jenny Short 04. 11.2022