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On the street with Jerry Webb.

Feasting on the unusual!
Our speaker on Thursday took us to places most of us have never ventured in our own attempts at Street Photography. An absolute master of his art, Jerry Webb hails from Brighton, and many of the distinctive urban and street photographs in his presentation featured the people and places in and around this environment.

Much of Jerry’s work is typically in black and white with the occasional, self-proclaimed “colour binge”, but it is his obsession with the ultra-wide angles, creative points of view, and total disregard for the lighting norms so beloved of judges that make his images really stand out, and provided us with real inspiration.

Jerry often takes big pictures that feature small people-something that renders his image of the Brighton Wheel in the snow so Lowery-esque. He plays with angles in both architecture and when shooting against and across the light. He basks in the distortions in close ups produced by his lens choices and agonisingly low angles that are his trademark.

Jerry shies away from the deepest blacks, cares little for the conventions of converging verticals, composing and cropping in ways that surprise and delight in equal measure. It was a fascinating tour by a talented man, that included photos that showed his skills in using the blur techniques of long exposure and raindrops left on lenses. He took us into the realms of film noire and silhouette with studies of crowds and the symbolism of random movement and up close portraiture. Members were very intrigued by his skilful presentation and commentary, and I am left in no doubt that our February 2022 Competition, focused as it is upon Street Photography, will reflect this, and lead us to some interesting images of our own.

Next week John Scaife has the unenviable task of judging our recent attempts at creating triptychs.

Jenny Short 15.10.2021