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Louise opens up her albums!

Finding salvation in photgraphs.
Lou Scholes is a popular member of our group, not least because of her amazing cake making skills, but until last Thursday she had kept her considerable photography skills somewhat under wraps. She is undoubtedly a perfectionist, and as such is highly self-critical, and reluctant to put her efforts to the test in externally judged competitions. Thankfully, she was persuaded to show her work to fellow members, who were duly impressed with the images and her commentary.

Entitled “Wanderlust- find what you love and let it save you.”, Lou’s presentation illustrated the healing powers she has discovered in a passion for all things photographic, on her journey from feelings of stress and isolation, to her current state of , much improved, personal well-being.

Her lifestyle demands early rising, so she invariably sets out at silly o’clock, travelling far and wide, to capture the beauty of the wildlife, flora and fauna upon which she concentrates. Her images are often atmospheric, featuring deer in the mists of Exmoor, dewy dragonflies at Ham Wall and the endless range of funghi that nestle in the Autumn leaves more locally.

Slimbridge and Ninesprings, near Yeovil, provide regular opportunities for capturing the chirpy, cheeky Robins, and the lightening flash of Kingfishers, as well as the elegant plumage of Eider Ducks and Flamingoes, whilst the rocky coastlines at Lyme Regis and West Bay yield images of seaweeds and wider landscapes. Addicted to seeking snowdrops, bluebells and wild orchids, Lou has a wealth of subject matter throughout the spring that she pursues with passion, often at an hour unfamiliar to the rest of us who remain tucked up in bed!

Her presentation kept us all engaged and gave us many ideas for future visits and challenges- the gardens at South Petherton, the Longbarrow at Stony Littleton, as well as the less well-known Sculptures by the Lakes near Dorchester. Her tales of narrowly escaping the incoming tide at St Audrey’s Bay might warn most of us to keep away from that particular beauty spot, but her images of Stourhead and Burnham will undoubtedly encourage us all on future visits. It was a very good evening upon which to end our 2022/3 season, and it seems that Lou will in future be more encouraged to put her photographic work out there more often ,as a result of the very positive feedback she received from all who were there.

We are starting our June outings with a long-anticipated trip to Arnos Vale and the nearby RPS exhibition on Thursday next.

Jenny Short.26.05. 2023