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Boats at high tide Bob Bishop

Have camera, will travel...........

An evening of contrasts! Bob Bishop takes us on a journey!
Rarely does a presentation appeal to all attending NRPS members, because although we all follow the same hobby, we all have our own “take” on the world we see through the viewfinder. However, Bob Bishop’s talk, “Have Camera Will Travel” last Thursday, came very close! Bob is a member of Backwell Camera Club, and with partner, Carol he travels extensively both at home and abroad, scouring the landscapes and streets for stories and high drama that he seeks to replicate in his images.

Bob has an unique style of his own that often involves skills of long exposures, extensive knowledge of his camera, and a simple insight into post processing, but he is equally adept at utilising the grab shot “in the moment” with models and people on all the streets between Bristol and Burma, wherever graffiti, antics and fleeting expressions catch his eye.

Bob, like many other speakers, urges us to take pictures for ourselves, not to please others, and he certainly is a strong ambassador for this point of view. His finished images abound with vibrant colour and detail, and his monos make the most of light and shadow, with increased contrast and often quite heavy vignetting. These might not suit every taste, but I particularly found them inspiring.

Usefully, Bob shared with us the processes he uses to take the in camera shot and make it into something stylish, that is clearly his own interpretation. It was good to see how he embraced the weather and the light that the British winters throw at us, especially on coastlines, where he joyfully explored the sun rising and setting over shorelines and old boats, exaggerating the groynes and the grain using filters and high contrast, whilst controlling the speed of the shutter for maximum effect. Equally fascinating were his images of young monks in Burma (now Myanmar), the goths of Witney (or was it Whitby?), the Raggy Victorians (that we have quietly noted will be in Dorchester for the Hardy Festival on June 4th) and the ever patient Carol, heavily disguised as his model, in a soon to be demolished mental hospital!!

It was a long evening , characterised by great commentary and tasty chocolate cake, and one that will linger in the memory of most, and hopefully encourage the individuality in all of us.

Next week Tony Nineham takes the stage in a Zoom meeting that will undoubtedly feature his recent trip to New Zealand.

Members are respectfully reminded that annual fees are now due.

Jenny Short 14.04.2023