RECENT NEWS > Louise celebrates success as winner of the Witcombe Millenium Trophy

Louise celebrates success as winner of the Witcombe Millenium Trophy

Janice has a win of a different kind!
On our most recent club evening we again continued to meet using Zoom and the focus of the evening was to look at all the images that were entered for the 2020 Witcome Millenium Award earlier in the year and to enjoy a few words of commentary explaining her choices from our Hon. President, Margot Witcombe. Sadly, the Pandemic has rendered Margot practically housebound since husband Mike’s death, and whilst she is well supported by friends and family, and remains cheerful and well, she is not able to enjoy her previous love of photography to the extent she once did. It is therefore, all the more pleasing for members to welcome her, now fairly regular, attendance at our Thursday Zooms, as she grapples with the unfamiliar technology, and reconnects with current members of the club she organised for so long.

We enjoyed again the images submitted by members, and appreciated the time and effort spent by Margot in shortlisting and considering her choices. She shortlisted four images: “Happy Valentine’s Day” by Jenny Short, “Raspberry Splash” by Tony Nineham, “Rain on the Pier” by Jane Lewis and the eventual winner, our newest club member Louise Bailey’s, “Angel Wings “ depicting a swan on the moat in all its glory. Margot admitted to choosing photos she wished she herself had taken and that is as good a criterion as any! She gave Louise some great feedback ,and we were pleased to congratulate the pair of them for a job
well done !

Pamela Bruce Lockhart is keen to give us all a unique challenge that involves photographically illustrating a poem so that others can puzzle and ponder over which it might be. She spent an interesting half hour or so explaining what she was planning, and showing us all how it might be done using Wordsworth and “Daffodils” as a model. It promises to be a tough one, and we await her final instructions to set us off when the skies darken and the evenings draw in limiting the outdoor stuff we enjoy so much.

We briefly looked at potential images that as a club we might enter into the upcoming Kingswood Salver. We need to select five separate images taken by five separate photographers which link within a panel- a tall order but led by Jill Toman we are up for the challenge!

DH James in Wells is a much-frequented camera shop by our members, and so we are keen to support them in their latest marketing venture: “Camera Competitions” , that involves picture of the week, and also some tempting offers from the purchase of draw tickets. In this, only their third week in operation, Janice Cuer was the lucky winner of a Panasonic Lumix camera for a ticket that cost a mere £1.99!!! She was thrilled and we were jealous, but what a great idea- if anyone is interested look them up on Facebook under “Camera Competitions” and get yourselves on the mailing list to take part.

Next Thursday Graham Nicholls leads the evening which will be hosted by Jill Toman. The club Calendar of interesting local events is growing fast and October is a busy month with lots of potential action to tap into including festivals in Frome and Wells. Motor Cross at Leighton and the annual Frome Wessex Camera Exchange. it's a great time to be into photography!

Jenny Short 01 10..2021