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Sun sets on another NRPS Lockdown Walk.

Round up from the club latest.

Competition, walks and Christmas preparations.
Open Competition judge, Beryl Heaton, knows the NRPS well, and her judging on Thursday 19th ran true to form with her love of simple images, nature in colour and a well-considered crop shining through the commentary. She gave good advice based on common sense and her deep knowledge of a range of genre. Feedback was clear and encouraging, and showed her appreciation of points of interest that were captured, or techniques attempted in all the photos, including the less successful. The colour section was won by Jill Toman’s “Early Morning at Belvedere, Tuscany”, and Graham Nicholls was a worthy winner of the Monochrome section with his portrait “Canal Boatman” taken on a recent, supportive, group walk near Limpley Stoke and the canal basin. Full results of both competitions can be found, together with a gallery of all the placed images in the Competition Gallery website.

The walk on Wednesday took place in paired bubbles and featured the river between Mells and Great Elm with the ruins of the Iron Works and the mud providing the entertainment, and the people who came the company- at suitable distances! The length of the walk there and back left little time to explore the village, although a minority went on to the Church and were lucky to catch the lovely sunset over the rooftops and Tythe Barn. The village will be explored from the same start point on Wednesday 25th at 2pm and hopefully we might manage to secure some take away tea and cake!

Planning ahead, the Chairperson's evening on 17th December will feature a Photographic Quiz in teams of two in Zoom Breakout Rooms. Provide your own jolly hats and/jumpers that are festive, together with mince pies, sausage rolls and a tipple!! I will sort out 4 rounds and want to include some questions based upon members' images. to this end I am making the December Challenge task to send me three images each of which illustrates a (fairly) well-known Christmassy song, poem or Carol for others to identify. I will need the answer in the title but don't tell anyone else please! Details in full on the December challenge tab but be aware I shall need the images earlier than the end of December so BY DECEMBER 14th which is the Monday of the week of the quiz.

Our next meeting will feature An Evening with Graham Nicholls that we anticipate with much pleasure.

Jenny Short