Comments on the EGG CHALLENGE

Lots of Humour and a new idea!
Happy Easter everyone.

I hope you are all staying safe and can enjoy this holiday weekend even though every day to me seems like a holiday at the moment. There was a great response to the EGG CHALLENGE so please do take a look in the GALLERY and send us some comments. We are limited to 750 photos on the site and we reached that limit with the current gallery so I have had to delete the WATER DROPLETS Gallery a week before I had planned, and from now on the oldest of the CHALLENGE GALLERIES will go weekly to make space for the new.

Most of this RECENT NEWS will feature comments as you send them in on the EGG CHALLENGE but I also want to flag up a new idea that you might like to take up.

ZOOM is a Virtual Meeting Platform that allows someone to host a meeting online using computers, laptops, I-pads/phones, and thus keep connected visually and use audio to discuss etc. Warminster Camera Club are trying to meet weekly with a simple agenda in this way, and although last week’s first try was not without its faults , I quite enjoyed it, and wanted to try it out with NRPS. Jill tells me Bath CC is also using it.

I have signed up for a basic package, which is free, and allows me to host meetings for 40 minutes, and invite up to 100 participants! Well, we only need about 25, and that is if ALL members took part! Anyway I got Jane Richardson and Janice Cuer to go online with me on Wednesday last, and we managed pretty well, working out how to share photos and talk to each other.

SO…….. I am going to host a ZOOM meeting on Thursday 16th at 7.30pm. If you are reading this, and know members who may not be accessing the news regularly,maybe you could let them know too? I know Jill's e mails go to all, but a few members don't do the challenge for whatever reason and I have no way of knowing if they would like to try this - I know Dan is classified as a Key Worker, so is rather busy!! Other people might well welcome the opportunity to meet up virtually at this time.

I am asking anyone who takes part in this week's WALK CHALLENGE, to send me 3 images as usual, but to also put together in a file , 12 images they took on their walk, so they can join the Thursday meeting, and share their walk with all of us attending, talking us through their images. Bit like show your own but with a theme. They just need to have 12 on their PC or whatever, as a file, ready to show. DO NOT SEND THESE TO ME !!! (I am going to put mine into a Powerpoint, as I use it all the time , but whatever members are comfortable with, is fine.)

Anyway, I want to see if it will work . Even if you don’t participate in the CHALLENGE , or did but don’t want to show the walk, you could still join the meeting to watch and listen. It is great fun if a little difficult at times to press the right buttons !!

ACTION REQUIRED: If you want to join the meeting e mail me and let me know and also if you will/won’t have a walk to share. DO THAT BY WEDNESDAY and then I will send you instructions as to how to join and also the codes you need to do so. It is worth a try and costs nothing. If it proves to be successful we can decide on a simple future programme of 40 minute meetings. I look forward to hearing from you.

Good luck with the CHALLENGE and enjoy your walks! Hopefully we can join you on some next Thursday!!! Comments on the EGGS will be posted by me below as they arrive, so keep checking here for feedback.

Stay safe and stay connected.


Feedback and comment on the EGG CHALLENGE:
Jenny says;
Love the humorous angle taken by many and in this age of only going out for essentials, nice to see Jane L improvising with the potatoes!!! Jill says she really got hooked on the subject which is great. She certainly had a good play and put a lot of time , effort and thought into the subject matter-loving the wig in particular!! Good also to see that people had looked at the you Tube on Remembering the Egg and did play a bit with light and shadows as well as the fun stuff.

Graham , as ever sent me far more than three images and he must be driving Iris mad!!. I might have guessed that forks would feature in yours but was very taken with the Slinky image with the egg in the middle-nice square crop and love the frame. So colourful and sharp! Did you use Mylar for the reflective surface? I often find when using black backgrounds there are so many specks of dust to deal with that the naked eye seems not to see, but the camera does. The one with the white vignette…. maybe try a black vignette and see if the specks go away -mine usually do!!!

Pamela said she found this a challenge but nevertheless the "Eggcentric" really works symmetrically and I like the light and the square crop. The "3 Generations " was a nice idea and I like the angle and the idea of the nest being protected.

Tony really explored the shadow thing and clearly played around with the lighting. How did you get the Eggs to stand up? One looks like a spot of glue but the other is much more subtle and I suspect you may have used the salt trick as described in the video? That's how I smashed one of mine but it does work quite well.

Jane R What can I say? I love both the images with the shadows falling across the eggs . One is a whisk I think but what is the one with the feathers? Both lovely and utilises the diagonals too. Suzanne's came in at the last minute-no worries! Glad you had time to play with the light and shade, but the idea of the bokeh is brilliant had not thought of that! Hope you get your internet up and running for a Zoom meet.

Janice- light and shade as well Fantastic! I particularly like the one with the spiral egg cup-like the diagonal that the shadow falls on, but I wanted to see the whole of the shadow. Nice placement of the egg though.

Suzanne says : On Jane R's Egg with Shadow Love this image Jane. Powerful with great b.w background and strong shadow lines on egg. What made them I wonder. Just up my street. On Jill's: Jill, your fun eggs really made me smile. Loved the back row centre one, especially the eyes and glasses. How long did it take you to decorate them all I wonder.

Pamela says: Jenny. I love eggs 1 and 2, especially 2. The whole composition really appeals to me. It's very creative.
Jill. Love a laugh in lockdown and the three photos made me smile. I think fun eggs is my favourite; loved the expressions.
Graham. Out of all the eggs (!) my favourite is Egg with ripple. I like the reflection and it is razor sharp, although I think it is a little tight at the top. They are all good though.
Rex. Another laugh. I like the humour but it's a pity in the two eggheads that the background is a bit distracting on the right hand side.
Tony. Eggs 1 and 2 look as if they are glued together, which I think actually adds to the composition in a strange way.
Jane R. I love eggs on feather. It's artistic without being OTT. I prefer it to egg with shadow. For me, the left-hand side is a little heavy. The chicken and eggs is very sharp and made me smile.
Janice. Both egg and spoon and eggcup are sharp and interesting but my favourite is egg and spoon which I think is very original. I really like it.
Suzanne. I would prefer eggs with b to be without it. I find it distracting, perhaps there is too much? The eggs on their own have lovely light on them so, for me, that would make a better picture. The same goes for dreamy eggs.
Jane L. Wot no eggs (sorry you can't have ours, we've eaten them). Humorous and different but I would like to see more colour, perhaps a scarlet spud making a statement.

Jill says: A great variety of pictures but the ones I particularly liked were Tony's eggs with shadows and it was very clever how he got the egg to stand up.
Jane's shadow ones were lovely and very creative.
Of Graham's many entries, I thought that the eggs on forks was the best.
Also I liked the simplicity and title of Janice's egg and spoon.

Janice says Lovely to see so many entries and a good variety of images.
Graham, you've been very busy! My favourite being the Egg On Spring. Good lighting, colour and reflection.
Jenny, I particularly enjoyed Circle Of Life. I love the ripple effect of the shadow.
Jane Lewis, well done, clever thinking.
Jill, Great humour, my favourite being Fun Eggs. I love the theme and your attention to detail!!
Tony, Eggs 2 is well thought through and executed.
Pamela, I really like the simplicity of Egocentric.
Jane R, Wonderful shadow patterns especially the very graphic Egg With Shadow.
Rex, clever title, made me smile.
Suzanne, lovely light and point of view in Dreamy Eggs.

Jane L says : The inventiveness of this week's images was great fun and I returned to all of them several times. I was rather glad I didn't have any eggs with which to compete. Short of time so these members caught my eye the most
Jenny: I warmed to Circle of Life over time. It’s more complex than I thought originally and hence the title is very apt. Clever light and composition. I love the Faberge because it reminds me of a favourite artist’s still life paintings which are almost photographic and the limited colour palette works for me. A little more space at the top???
Jill: All made me smile especially Driver Egg. There’s lots to see from a simple concept – the half person upstairs (almost sinister!), the house reflection in the tiles, the black background works
Graham: I really like Egg With Ripple’s composition and light and because how it’s done is intriguing! The slight loss of clarity at the top of the egg bothers me which is pedantic. Great technique and colour in Egg on Spring but why this frame? Lots of detail in Egg and Cheeseboard (I want one), simple in concept and presentation, tick vg
Jane R: Eggs on Feathers That’s a great trick My eye interpreted the checks as on the fabric, then noticed the eggs … Egg with Shadow takes this further I think Clever juxtaposition of shadow between egg and background Shadows work for me again in Chicken and Eggs, good placement
Janice: The reproduction of the egg cups on the eggs is brilliant and enhanced by the lighting and neutral background. It’s a great pic for the brief imv
Suzanne: Like the concept of Dreamy Eggs and its delivery. Reduce the foreground a tad?