The memories come flooding back this week, and the summer walks are doing us all good!
Members continue to be keen to stay in touch at a time when we would usually be looking towards a summer break, so it seems sensible on a weekly basis to keep the Challenges and virtual Thursday meetings going, and also to offer the opportunity of an afternoon or early evening walk during the week with camera and friends, on a route well known to one of us. The sun surprisingly shone brightly, and Nunney was well received last week. I look forward to a few well chosen photos for the Walks Gallery. Diana has kindly offered to lead an excursion from her home in Haydon on Wednesday 24th June. Details to all via Jill’s weekly e mail.

This new GALLERY,called “Members’ Lockdown Walks.”, if folks want to share a few pics taken on these rambles, is set up now as a sub gallery of the gallery called "MEMBERS" Some of you didn't find it last week-sorry! Do send me up to three images in any week if you would like to do so . Sized and named as for the other galleries presents me with very little extra work to put them up as I receive them.

In the meantime, keep being CHALLENGED and keep the critique coming in.

Here we go with the comments on last week’s NOSTALGIA CHALLENGE:

Jenny says: I think I learned an awful lot about the people behind the cameras this week that I did not necessarily know before, which was nice! I tried to learn how to use textures to give that feeling of nostalgia or memory to the object that made me nostalgic. It was my first go at texture stuff. .

Tony: Only two this week and I left off the camera at first- apologies! It’s there now ! It is a sharp , well positioned record of a much loved object I suspect -wish I had kept mine. I do like the view of Corfe a lot. The colours are nice and the composition obeys the rules! I might have cloned out the figures on the grass, but those on the path give it scale.

Geoff: Thanks for taking part this week I like these two as record shots- both well arranged, crisply focused with nice colour and "oldy worldy" feel. I like the crop and the diagonal in the record player and also the music choices!!!

Pamela: Forever Friends is a good group of three much loved toys There is a real strong hint of a triangular arrangement here with the classic 3 objects and in terms of a still life image I might well have played around with that a bit. I love books too and this is a well put together image that says a lot about you. Again with still life in mind , books make a great subject and arranged on a table with a pair of reading glasses and maybe a glass of something with a nice shaped bottle and subtle lighting- you might like to try it! (The idea not the alcohol!) I was fiddling around with share screen when you explained the Pacific Magic image which is lovely, but I really need you to tell me the story of why it means so much to you. My bad!

[i]Diana: Good to see you again on the walk and I love your stories from the Navy days (daze??) Very interesting and tells me lots about you as a person I think. The cat photo is pretty – I think I might have cropped in closer and possibly blurred out other things .

Jane R: So sorry you felt unwell and we missed the commentary I was particularly interested in the story behind the hippo- have you tried the image in black and white at all- just a notion to bring out the details through contrast with the wood. What lovely holiday memories you made over the years – and the photos are pretty good too! Well arranged, that must have been hard for you! Now the Rose is my favourite and I know you used a texture which I assume you took yourself? The flowing grassy feel gives such an ethereal feeling- just right. Well done !

[i]Janice: Those LPs bring back a few memories for me too- especially Band on the Run which I seemed to dance to every night in the Bahamas back in the early 70s on holiday with friends. I know the arrangement took you ages and I like it but I would swap bottom left with bottom right just so the lines led me inwards and the figure was moving into the frame rather than out. Picky I know and just me! I do like the landscape of your childhood I hope Jill thinks it’s a good
composition because my eye tells me it is although I am no expert! The wedding album with telegrams is priceless! Great arrangement and colour and typical of your humour in the commentary !!

Jill: The nostalgia for Somerset was well explained and illustrated. I like and remember fondly the Retro Toys- colour perfect and so robust ! They all appear to be “floating” on the black background and I just wondered if a slight difference in the base and the background lighting might JUST improve it ?? It’s that Church again ! Great response from Janice when she first mentioned it on the walk too!

Graham: It is always fun to hear your stories and your history! You are very dashing in uniform and the football picture is great to see- reminds me of my hockey days and wicked tours !! The Camera was well explained and is a real museum piece. This week must have been relatively uneventful for Iris- watch her reaction to this week's water challenge !!!

Suzanne: I love Shredded Wheat and always have done ! I really Wish I had known about the special dishes! Nice colour and well exposed against the grain of the wood. The Bible is a very thoughtful and thought-provoking image well handled in mono- full of nostalgia! The suitcase is my favourite- mainly because of how fondly you talked about it and its significance to you and your late husband- lots of lovely memories in there I am sure and I like the way you took the picture

Suzanne says
complicated to operate as it looks? Certainly a sturdy, competent piece
of kit to own and photograph your future i.e. the FOOTBALL TEAM years,
although I presume this image was the annual team shot taken by a
professional. Handsome chaps, all of them. A great “Where are they now”
piece of nostalgia. GUARD DUTY: Was the Zeiss used to take your
image? Just look at those clean boots!
[i]TONY: -MY FIRST SLR- and you
still have it! I wonder how much it would cost to put a film through
and have it commercially processed today. A sharp record shot
photographed at a good angle which shows the details of this Zenit-
model. BROKEN CASTLE- an appropriate title your children once chose to
describe what they saw. A sharp landscape with a good lead in line.
Love the perfectly positioned cloud in the sky plus people for scale.
I might look at taking a bit off down the l.h side to remove the stray
cloud and bit of low hill to keep my eye on the castle. Just a thought
but still looks great as it is.
about this sharp picture is the positioning of these cuddly toys. A
trio, all interacting with each other in a human sort of way. The bear,
with its fed up look and down at the mouth expression just stares at
the dog. The soft bodied doll in between them, limbs poised for
action, head turned with eyes full of concern and love for the poor
animal who is resting his head on her tummy. That dog looks
uncomfortably positioned with one ear folded back and tongue hanging
out. Wondering what the doll is going to do next probably! Full of
toy emotions and nostalgia! WORDS LAST- How true. Two of these titles
I have on my bookcase. Books make good pictures and when in a bookcase
yours eyes go up and down along the row with interest. I like the way
the books are ordered and the square format you chose. Good colours and
sharp throughout. PACIFIC MAGIC- A lovely pattern picture using three
shades created by people using traditional methods, which is sharp,
pleasing to the eye and has nostalgic memories for you.
JANICE: THEIR[ WEDDING AND RECORD COLLECTION – So important to have albums and none
more so than a Wedding Album. A piece of history in itself for many
reasons as well as being nostalgic. I like the way you placed the
contents of this together, the black background, colour rendition and
the angle you used. I love this sharp image. RECORD ... I have always
promised I would record some of my LP covers but have never got round
to it so I really admire yours. It’s sharp throughout, the colours are
spot on and the composition works for me. Placing them in some sort of
order must be difficult and one which you could no doubt, keep
altering! VIEWS OF MY CHILDHOOD- Taken on a nice day with good lead in
lines and the ruin on your right third. A sharp image you could hang
on the wall. Nostalgia framed! I know why your mum liked it there, so
do I!
JANE: MUM’S ROSE- I really like the matt look of this pastel
coloured flower with the gentle swirling background you’ve photographed
it against. Maybe, one could have placed it a little higher up the
frame and got the entire bottom petal in. Still a nice picture though
with good memories. HOLIDAYS –Wonderful memories -well placed on your
background. Almost all the postcards have shades of blue in them so
they blend together well. HIPPO- an interesting carved animal which
you will no doubt tell us about. Intriguing!
ROYALIST- I can picture you wearing this hat which your record shot
shows. It’s sharp, the colour and details of the badge are good - the

square format suits it. ROYALIST: There’s a lot of movement going on
in this detailed B/W image which is sharp from front to back. Much to
feast your eyes upon. All that rigging, shapes / folds in the masts
but the positions of those sailors working so high up grab my
attention. Did you get dizzy taking it?
like the positioning of this image. The diagonal line works as does the
effect/texture you used. Good colour rendition too. The small shadow
under the vase also makes a difference. SHADES OF DAYS GONE BY:
Three Interesting items well spaced. Perhaps check middle ones shadow?
GRANDMA’S JUG –A homely image, nice colours and good use of fresh
flowers to match flower colour on the jug. Love it. Perhaps crop
narrow grey strip off the bottom up to the bottom of the reflection. Or
perhaps not!
[i]JILL: RETRO TOYS -they were great toys, sturdy and
colourful. A nice, sharp, colourful record shot. WAR GRAVE: A war grave
certainly evokes emotion and placed in front of this well captured
church you can see and feel that. NOSTALGIA FOR SOMERSET: After
being reminded about the county boundary changes of the past, I can see
why you took this picture. The sign post is sharp, positioned well in
the centre of the frame with SCC prominently positioned on the top and
reminded me of the ‘Save our Somerset’ stickers we placed in our cars.

Jill says:
I think this challenge was more about thinking of something to
take that fitted the title, rather than putting in images of great
photographic merit. That’s how I took it anyway!
JANICE Love the
colourful LP’s. I have the Abbey Road one! Good arrangement.
wedding – A very well presented cherished memory
Views of my childhood
– Good placement of the ruined church on the third. It would have been
nice if there had been some clouds to break up the blue sky, but you
can’t have everything!
[i]GEOFF - Love all his artefacts. I still have a
PAMELA – Friends Forever – A good arrangement with the doll
cuddling the dog and I like the way they are all looking at the
Pacific Magic – Very graphic and if it wasn’t for the title,, it
would have conjured up Africa to me.
Words – You obviously thought
about the colours and arrangement. Interesting titles!
TONY – My first
SLR. I wish that I had kept mine! Good detail and sharpness
Broken Castle – Good lead it line and high part of the ruin
on the third. People give it scale and the clouds help to break up the
blue sky.
GRAHAM – Zeiss - would have preferred not to have the
clutter in the background and could be sharper.
JANE R – Like the
Hippo’s smile but find the white skirting boards a bit
Mum’s Rose – Great colour combination and detail.
– Great memories for you. Difficult to arrange but yours works quite
JENNY – Sunflowers. I an not sure if I like the treatment or not!
Would have preferred to see all the flowers rather than being cropped
off on the right.
Shades of days gone by – Would never have guessed
these were pencil sharpeners! Find the very bright area in the centre a
bit distracting.
Grandma’s Jug – Like this much more that the
sunflowers. Lovely colours and has an “olde worlde” feel about
[i]DIANA – My Tricolor Hat – Well presented with great textural detail
which shows up well against the background.
Royalist – A great
nostalgic moment but a bit “busy” as a photo
Ginny in the stable – I
can’t think that it was very comfortable but Ginny looks very
contented. Shame you couldn’t have isolated it more.
SUZANNE – I love
my Grandma – A lovely memory beautifully presented. The tablecloth
really fits the bible and photo!
Suzanne’s Memories – Lovely old
suitcase. It makes me want to delve it to see more than just Biff!

Pamela says :
What a wonderful insight into people’s lives.
Janice. ‘LP’
Interesting to see what music has stamped its mark on your life. Very
sharp and I like the arrangement with the bright colours in front and
the centre disc is fascinating and eye-catching. ‘View’ Not only a
lovely memory of your childhood but such an attractive landscape with
the foreground positioned exactly right. ‘Wedding’ collection is
arranged well and so interesting to see. It is obviously something that
will be passed down, not just because it’s family, but because it is a
reminder of days when a telegram was such an important means of
Jill. “Somerset’ We moved to Somerset in 2008 and were
mystified to find we were sometimes in Avon and sometimes in Somerset.
Londoners, who don’t go north of Selfridges, think it’s just something
odd that happens in the country. Your retro toys are razor sharp and
made me want to reach out and touch them (or rather play with them). I
think the Commonwealth War Grave sign makes this photo. I probably
would have taken it without the sign and then wondered why it hadn’t
Graham. I have to ask if you ever dress up in your uniform and
pop to the local shop? Along with the football team these were
obviously very important times in your life. The camera shot is
fascinating. I like the angle you’ve taken it from
Geoff. ‘Thing calledLove’. I really like the way you have positioned the record player with
the 45 disc ready to drop next. The choice of music is very evocative
of happy holidays. ‘Walkman' Well composed and ready to pick up and
Jan R. I really want to know about the hippo. We have one from
South Africa made from some very heavy black shiny stone (can’t
remember what). It’s identical - so your memory has brought back one
of mine. A rose is a rose is a rose but this is such special rose and I
love the subtle background. What a thing to treasure. Holidays - Each
pc with its own story. I would like to see
Jenny. I think the choice of objects in shades of days is intriguing. They may be just
favourite items or connected in some way. It works so well in black and
white and I like the crinkly effect. Grandma’s jug is beautifully
composed and such lovely object. I love the background. A jug with a
lot of stories to tell. Sunflowers are a ‘happy’ flower but now that I
know the story behind them I can see why they are included here. I
would have included the whole vase but I think it works better the way
you’ve done it.
Tony. ‘Broken castle’. I can’t remember the story
behind Corfe but it’s a striking picture . 'First SLR’. I wish I had
kept my first camera but I didn’t realise then how important it would
have been to me now. Do you still use it?
Suzanne. When I see this Iremember all the lace tablecloths etc that generation used. What a
happy photo. You can’t help but smile. I love the pressed flower, it’s
so personal. The writing is very clear. ‘Memories’. Your composition is
so good. I want to open the old suitcase and pull out the magazines,
papers. You left me wanting to know more. ‘Shredded wheat’. I wonder
how old this china is and whether shredded wheat is something that your
whole family loves? So many stories and questions.
Diana. Did Ginnychoose this place to sleep whenever possible? A delightful composition
showing a special companion. The Tricorn hat on its own speaks volumes
as does the sense of camaraderie in Royalist D. This time was clearly
very important and special. Fascinating.

Pamela on Pamela. Thank you
for the feedback. Briefly this is the background -‘Pacific magic’. I
worked on a Greek cruise ship and one of the cruises was around the
South Pacific islands. On board was an author who found this ship so
extraordinary that he decided to write a book. He didn’t name anyone
apart from me (to avoid being sued!). ‘Liner’ is the book; it’s in my
book photo.

Jane Lewis says : I’m not going to comment on individual photos as it's too difficult to pick out any particular one for mention: they all combine some very interesting subjects with creative imagery and good technique. I enjoyed hearing the stories around the individual pictures at the Zoom meeting very much as they added new dimensions to what was already a great set of pictures. I admire how well everyone managed to fulfil the brief.