The view from Avalon

Ham Wall

Diana leads the way....
The final official meet before we reluctantly take a break in the summer months of July and August, took the form of an early evening walk around the lakes and waterways of Ham Wall on the Somerset Levels.

Led by the intrepid Diana Walker, with all her equipment, and armed with our own array of cameras, binoculars, mono and tripods, we meandered through the reeds at leisure looking for the evasive insects and butterflies and meeting up in hides that gave us an uninterrupted view of a range of birds basking in the evening light.

Encountering a few mosquitoes on the way, we variously captured the iridescent blue of the dancing Mayflies as well as the pride of the dabbling ducks, and the Crested Grebes and Coots that posed and preened in the shallow waters for us. It was a peaceful and pleasant meander along secluded paths of the mystical landscape overlooked by the Tor, for what was quite a large group of us.
The Eagret that swooped and fished kept us all amused and well-practised in the art capturing sharp images of birds in flight, whilst the frantic calls of the various species alerting each other of approaching danger had us trying to focus sharply on the Marsh Harrier that made its appearance more than once, dominating the skyline whilst hunting for prey that scattered and fled. It was a lovely way to spend a summer evening , and the weather was kind to us.

There is now a two month gap in our programme, during which we will meet in August for a delayed club dinner to celebrate the photos we took in 2020. However, there is a will to get out and about and meet up that endures, and with this in mind , anyone wanting to is invited to meet up in Bath from 6pm Thursday July 1st for some street photography. In the meantime I would like all that took part in the Rockaway experience last week to send me up to six images (properly titled and resized) from the evening, so that I can put together a rather special Gallery for the website. members please see the Challenge section.

Jenny Short 25.06.2021