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Playing with paper.

Suzanne sheds some light on her considerably skills!

An evening of contrasts with some great photography from a long standing member.
Our regular Thursday slot on Zoom was filled this week by Suzanne Ladd, a self-confessed photography addict who carries her camera everywhere in the way most women carry a handbag! She certainly has a very unique approach to taking images that catch her eye, and rarely misses an opportunity to record what she sees and process the image in her own style.

It was an interesting and thought- provoking evening, full of Suzanne’s work that transported us from her travels around the wider world and back to her table top at home. Fascinated by light, Suzanne follows it relentlessly, and looks for white space and patterns capturing a wealth of intricate details. She has a keen eye for detail, and spots it regularly in the bigger pictures the rest of us usually overlook. We loved the travel shots and street scenes for which she is well known, but we particularly enjoyed the abstractions she finds in unfamiliar places like those embedded in white vans and their rear lights, or the more familiar patterns in reflections, the distortions in ice and the shadows cast on trees and apples. More recently she followed up a somewhat disastrous practical session (in which she broke a treasured lamp) with some interesting photos of curved and crumpled coloured paper. These she took a step further with filters and distortions in post processing, to produce some stunning work on which we are hoping she will base a future challenge for the rest of us, with maybe a bit of coaching to help us along. There was much to admire in a pleasant evening on Zoom which once again brought the group together when otherwise impossible.

On our weekly walk we explored the woods around East Harptree and the area around the old smelting chimney in the middle of the woods. There were enough fungi to keep Diana happy, dogs and animals for Pamela, and the light danced merrily on the autumn leaves for Suzanne. Next Tuesday we meet up in Midsomer Norton, intent upon creating some images for the upcoming Midsomer Arts Photo Marathon which encourages us to “be as creative and unique as possible” so there’s a challenge!

The regular Thursday club evening will feature a collection of high quality, Audio Visual Presentations from regional competitions that Jill Toman will present to us. We are hoping that our website and regular articles in the press are attracting local people to our club. We welcome new potential members, so contact us through the Norton Radstock Photographic Society website, which is regularly updated.

Jenny Short