RECENT NEWS > Day trip to Bristol and the Severn Beach
by Jill Toman

Day trip to Bristol and the Severn Beach

Nine members on a ramble planned by Suzanne and Jill!
What a treat the long anticipated official NRPS Day Trip to Bristol and the Severn Beach turned out to be on Thursday! Planned and led with precision by Suzanne Ladd and Jill Toman, it was a day to meander and chat with like-minded friends, armed with our cameras and a healthy curiosity. It afforded the opportunity to practise our architecture and street photography skills, as well as those associated with landscape photography, and to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise- I am reliably informed by Jane Richardson that the nine of us walked in excess of 16,000 steps in all!

The weather was kind, and we made good use of the public transport facilities afforded by the Park and Ride at Brislington, and British Rail from Temple Meads. The City of Bristol, as a destination to explore, has been a stranger to most of us during the Pandemic, and whilst the regeneration of its centre continues unabated, newly completed, modern buildings flanking the riverside, rise silently, and largely as yet unoccupied, as home working still largely prevails. The hustle and bustle of pre-Pandemic Bristol streets as we collectively remembered them, was missing too, but a plethora of workmen in high visibility jackets, constructing and reconstructing the old and the new, gave us plenty of subject matter, as did the twisted structures of the bridges over the river, the colourful, if slightly shabby canal boats, and the ever-changing reflections in the water. Clouds formed and reformed, and the sun made brief appearances, promising better light as the day progressed.

A leisurely quayside lunch was enjoyed with the added pleasures of a range of street food, and a well-placed Weatherspoons, that also brought the city centre workers that do remain into the sunshine for a well-deserved break. The mood was relaxed as refreshed and rejuvenated we travelled on to the station and enjoyed the scenic forty minutes train ride to the coast. Here the tide was turning, the colours of the bridges old and new were reflected in the sunlight, and the patterns in the mud provided ample subject matter for all. We walked and talked, clicking and clambering until the energy levels ran low, and a tea stop beckoned. We descended on an appropriate watering hole, and here we stayed until they threw us out at 4.30, and we made our way home to process the hundreds of photos we took throughout the day.

We are planning a leisurely local exploration of Midsomer Norton next week and would welcome any new prospective members looking for a friendly club for the coming season.

Jenny Short 20.08.2021