Some practice in mono landscapes and portraits in the environment
Message from Pamela Bruce- Lockhart
Graham. Potter. I like this. It is very clear and shows Andrew
in his setting. I think the colours work well too. I think hairdresser
is very good; the expressions on both faces are well caught -
concentration and dare I suggest - resignation? A good photo for
lockdown memories. Mendips. This is dominated by the clouds but they
are so impressive. Timsbury doesn’t work as well for me. I think it
needs more contrast but perhaps that’s not possible.

Jane R. Why do
bikers have ‘special’ faces? Is it a requirement? I would like to see
more of his eyes as I am sure the expression would tell us a lot.
Walking.. What an optimistic photo and here I can see her expression.
Strong colours make your subject stand out. Glastonbury. I really like
this and good to see a different view of Glastonbury. The sky is
interesting and the tree definitely holds the viewer’s eye. Alfred’s
Tower. Almost menacing, certainly strong and exuding power but I would
like to see a person in the photo but then I am a great one for having
a person in a photo.

Tony. Beach huts. It would be lovely to feel the
sand between my toes `and so I would like to see a child playing in the
sand. These huts look lonely and I think they need some human interest.
Boat. Derelict boats make good subjects and I wish they could talk. My
first thought was that it was just a little in the wrong place but when
I took a step back it seemed well-balanced by the grass.

Bill.Landscape. I like the flowing grass and the background. My first
reaction was that there was too much grass in the foreground but I’m
not sure. I think it works this way. Landscape 2. I love the angle of
the tree and I think the contrast between the black and white works

Janice. Combe Hay. I like this photo; there is a strong division
here - sky, background, foreground and I think it works very well. The
lines lead my eye into the picture. Fog. This appeals to me because I
like foggy photos, but so many just have fog and a bit of something
else. I think the first bollard is a bit overpowering but I don’t
suppose the council would have let you remove it! The lamp adds to the
story. Appearances. Lovely greens and I like the detail in this photo I
can’t see if the reflection in the boat is the woman or one of us? I
know it wasn’t possible but what a pity you couldn’t have included one
of the less well-cared for boats as contrast.

Jane L. Richard. This is a great shot, it’s amusing, creative and different. Well done. Urban
resident is another well seen shot. I like the suggestion that this
small squirrel has a large residence. And the covid friendly hand
greeting! Tor. Atmospheric and moody. I think this photo captures what
the tor is - distant, intriguing and part of our history. Rain/pier.
Another winner. I love this composition. The lines are right. I love
everything about this photo. Excellent.

Jenny. Boat man. Our obliging model but I have to admit your shot is better than mine.
I really like his expression and the way he stands out against the blurred
background. Wet day. Two pigeons obeying the social distance rule andlooking miserable. I am dry so it made me smile.
Alham 1 and 3. My favourite is no 3. I like the lines and the way they divide the land.
It works very well.

Not sure who took Allan and Arche. I love Allan.
It’s a great shot of an enthusiastic man surrounded by chaos!

From Jenny on Portraits in the environment
Graham: i particularly like the potter. I think the curves of the pot and the wheel echo those of his posture and although maybe it is cropped in a bit close I can see the benefit of that. The Mobile Hairdresser is a statement iof the time- bet Iris loved you! Again nice and close up but enough of the detail of the trade to show the immediate environment.

Jane: Bikers are big are they not? That really makes them imposing and that is the mood The good DOF gives the contexts with the bike int the background. I like the walker but I might have positioned her to the left to show the extent of the journey yet to go. A bit too much in the middle for me.

Pamela: the street performer is lovely and close and I particularly like the street side background with just the one listener in the background. I think you have caught the interactions between the two on the bench well- again nice street pics.

JaneL: Interesting use of super wide lens- yes I think it says what you wanted it to . With the squirrel , which i like and it is obviously important to get the environment since that was the challenge. What is it like in mono? I ask because the orange is really an eye draw away from the subject and mono might negate that. Worth a try?

Janice: Yes the lady on the canal.....i was looking for the man with the dog that was there the week before doing DIY but nowhere to be seen when you want him! great colour. Nice composition with the diagonal.

I think it was Bill? Alan the mad mower? Nicely done Was it posed or is he always like that? Exposed well too as inside. Like the colours. Arche I am fond of- suggests a story of a lad who hangs out with Dad or Uncle or big brother in the shed or the garage , keeping warm while watching things technical or engineering in the "mancave"!! Nice angle.

Subject: Landscape & Portraits

Jane R says :
Message: Graham The Potter Good colours blues and yellows, sharp very
well captured.
Hair. Certainly a good record of what times are like at
the moment
Landscapes Beautiful skies, very impressive

Pam Well done
for trying street photography. A pleasing image singer sharp with nice
defused background.
Bit to eat good colours wonder what's for
Hidaway rustic in B/W, very sharp
Tower This is a really strong

Tony Derelict Boat I really love this, so good in B/W.

Boat Man You captured his character so well. I passed him riding his
bike the other day along the canal.
Wet Day They do look fed up! I love
the colours of the pigeons they complement each other
Landscapes are
really sharp with expressive skies.

Bill I like your lone tree very
Landscape sharp from front to back, good capture of wheat
blowing in the wind.

Janice Combe Hay very sharp, I love the sky
really adds to the image.
Fog. Very atmospheric, good lead in lines.
Looks different to when we were there!
Keeping Up Appearances
Brilliant!! Love the colours, very well captured.

Jane L.
Photographing Richard. A very different photo I love it, the shadow
takes your eye to the jeep and Richard.
Urban resident. Very sharp and
well captured, cheeky thing!
The Pier. I do like photos in the rain you
can feel exactly how wet and miserable it is, very good lead in lines.
Love it.
Storm over the Tor. Lovely atmospheric image well done for
getting the suns raise.

Jenny on landscapes: So not my comfort zone but I try!
Jane R: Not the usual Glasto but nice study of clouds ! Is your tower sharp? I like the idea but want more texture and detail in the bricks
Tony: beachhuts are usually so colourful so a different take. The composition leads the eye nicely Is the sky blown out slightly? That boat together with Janice’s fog is my favourite. I do like the subject and the composition Get rid of the figure on the horizon though it detracts my eye every time!

Bill I like both The barley seems to be flowing and the other one has such dramatic contrast.

Janice. Yes Combe Hay will stick in the mind a while Nicely balanced curves and good detail front to back but the foggy one is superb- looks like a sort of WW2 picture So atmospheric.

Pamela: I find the hideaway a bit soft in places and the skiff in the boathouse is a bit lost in the shadows, although the subject is nicely composed. I prefer the one with the tower and the reflections That works really well.

Jane L. I like both of these- the Tor is a common subject but the rays of light are really nice in mono. The pier in the rain- again another common theme but well captured here I really like the contrast Is it the lights or is there a vignette applied in corners (whiteish)

Graham The Mendips one has incredible sky!! And S from Timsbury is very dramatic Not sure I would put horizon in middle but not sure if I would crop the clouds or the landscape Both might work.