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Some inspiration from Les Loosemore !

A basket of delights in a truly professional style.
In collaboration with Frome Selwood Camera Club, NRPS hosted a virtual presentation of the impressive photography of Les Loosemore, one- time professional sportsman, now serious photographer and Fotospeed promoter. Les is a highly organised and self-confessed perfectionist in his approach to a range of photographic arts. These he presents in a series of themed slideshows accompanied by the hypnotic sounds of music of his choice from a vast personal library stored in his “man cave”.The sheer variety of his subject matter is testimony to his considerable talent and his Triptych presentation ranged from abstractions to sports action, as well as landscapes and portraiture. We welcomed his interpretation of abstraction, and delighted in the colour and form in images that explored the essence of light, shade and shadow as well as reflections. Les is a thinking photographer with the gift of clear communication; he sees the extraordinary in the ordinary, and it was clear very early on in the evening that members would be inspired and motivated by the ideas he so skilfully portrays in his work.

Through the presentation on Gothenburg Graffiti Art Les dispelled the oft-held view that photographing others’ art is somehow less than desirable, and his haunting compositions in Winter Landscapes, together with his simple portrayal of the structures to be found in leaves decaying amongst glistening cobwebs in Fragility and Resilience of Nature aptly reinforced his message which was to “look closer and enjoy the art of photography”. As a confirmed fan of sports photography, I personally was particularly impressed by the moments he caught in his surfing, rugby, racing and other sporting presentation, as well as the range of techniques used to give the impression of movement and capture emotions. His images in all aspects were often in square format, and all the more distinguished in style for it.

Finishing the evening with some inspiring Intentional Camera Movement images has taken us further in a genre we have been playing with lately , and as a group we shall be off to Wells next week to explore a few ideas inspired by this. The “Storm Brian”presentation together with the stirring music that accompanied it rounded off a highly entertaining evening, much enjoyed by all.

We look forward to next week’s revelation of the winner of the Witcombe Millenium Cup 2020, and a look at the images from the Knight’s Hayes Trophy on the theme of Togetherness.

Jenny Short 7.5.2021