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A gentle walk on the wildside.

Silver Stree Nature Reserve for a gentle ramble.
In need of a summer walk, NRPS members gathered in Park Way on Thursday evening for a ramble round Silver Street Nature Reserve. We welcomed a prospective new member asking for help and advice on her new camera in preparation for a special holiday, and generally updated each other on what we had done since we last met, and what we might do on future Thursdays. There were lots of ideas and much enthusiasm.

The walk was a pleasant one through woodland and open meadows, with views across the valley and plenty of wild flowers, including poppies and orchids to keep us snapping. The pond and the old ice house provided a couple of interesting diversions before the rain began to spot, and we made our way home to beat the threatened downpour.

We are chivvying members to submit their prints and digital efforts to be exhibited at the Midsomer Norton Day on July 9th. Why not come and visit us there, and take a closer look at what we do? We will be in the main hall where they will be serving delicious teas, so you can relax and have a really good look!

Next Thursday we are hoping that Pamela Bruce Lockhart will lead a walk round Wedmore, and then on July 7th some of us will be meeting up at the English Adaptive Surfing Open at The Wave in Bristol, hoping to catch some action. There is also the chance to photograph some veteran motor cross at Farleigh Castle at the “King of the Castle “ event on July 2nd and 3rd, and on a more rural note on Sunday 10th July, in Timsbury , there is the Radford Shires open day with heavy horses and associated crafts and skills to capture. Lots to do and plenty to practise on! Let’s hope the weather is good to us and that we can all get out with the cameras and meet up with friends.

Jenny Short 24.06 .2022