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On the Warminster trail.....

Lots stilll going on at NRPS!
Warminster Camera Club threw down the gauntlet with a Photographic Treasure Hunt in the town of their origin this week, and seven of our number rose to the challenge with a collaborative effort on a balmy Thursday evening. We trudged the streets in search of answers to the cryptic clues rooted in the town’s history and architecture, before collapsing in the garden of a pub on the High Street, where we waited ages for a drink!

Unfamiliar as we were with the landmarks and the town itself, I thought we did pretty well, tracing the likes of the influence of Christopher Wren and the produce of the Chinn brothers (that we now know were butchers of a previous era.) We argued over the two stopped clocks, and possible menus to be found in places other than restaurants, and we must have looked pretty confused, as more than one native stopped and offered to help! Again, it was an evening full of fun and chat that did us all good, and hopefully some of our members will join me on Tuesday evening at 7.30 pm when the Warminster members host a Zoom evening to take a look at some of the photos we took, and give us the answers to the questions. Maybe we could put together a similar Treasure Hunt in Radstock, Midsomer Norton, or nearby, for a future challenge?

Two further club members were investigating possibilities for a day out to the coast in August, so did not join us, but it looks like they have a pretty good trip planned, so we forgave them! During the week, three of us went to the Paulton Rovers soccer match, against Bath City, and tried our hand at some action shots - they now grace their website! It is Bristol City U23s on Saturday and I shall be there! Our annual dinner to celebrate POY 2020, postponed from February, is due to take place at Old Down on August 5th, and we look forward to seeing our Hon. President Margot Witcombe for the first time in what seems like an age. It’s certainly a busy old time but it seems to be doing us good

so next week we are off to Bradford on Avon to photograph the town in all its evening glory. The weather looks set to continue to be fair, so fingers crossed. We will meet at 6pm in the station car park (BA 15 1 DQ ) . It is free after 6pm A walk along the river and the canal and anyone who knows Bradford on Avon can suggest other areas, but I thought we might usefully finish up at Avoncliff, which is a particularly attractive aquaduct a short drive away with a nice pub.

I have added the following to the MSN Journal account this week :

I have to say -it's all still happening at NRPS!! If you take a look at the Galleries on our website ( I think you will be impressed, and anyone, from beginner to expert will be made welcome as a new member in the Autumn, so just contact us, join us on a Thursday evening, and suss us out!

Jenny Short 16.07.2021