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Time to look at some good work!

The Travelling Print Exhibition
With an unfortunate postponement from our speakers two weeks ago we have had two consecutive sessions looking at other people’s high-quality images that have been entered in large competitions or are part of the Travelling Print Exhibition that is doing the rounds.

We gathered at the hall on Thursday and were duly entertained by a succession of prints that we discussed at leisure, and upon which we all commented. It was a friendly club evening, enhanced as always by quality refreshments and home-made cake courtesy of Louise, who had had a tough old week personally, but still somehow found the time to bake for us!

We were blown away by the wildlife images on offer and stunned by some of the mono offerings, whilst the open entries generally wowed, but sometimes didn’t appeal or puzzled us to distraction. One such was a colourful abstraction by Mid Somerset CC’s Rose Atkinson that featured a reflection of walkers in a puddle on a street, cleverly presented upside down, which threw us completely, but a lovely example of what can be done with relatively simple images to make them shine!.
Coincidentally Rose is our next speaker three weeks from now and we look forward to a lively presentation featuring something different using ICM and multiple exposure to enhance her photos. Equally coincidentally there is an interesting article in the recent edition of “Outdoor Photography” by Mark Cornick, featuring similar techniques in the context of capturing the colours and shapes of Autumn, which now seems to be upon us! It is worth a read.

Without an image from the evening to accompany the article I thought it might be an idea to include a recent ICM image that I experimented with unusually at a sporting event where freezing the action is usually my mission! Enjoy.

Next week normal service will be resumed when the first of our Open competitions will be judged by Lee Spencer-Fleet when we meet over Zoom, and then the following Thursday sees a Show Your Own evening with members presenting and talking about the images they have made over the summer months, and also featuring those attempted at our recent practical evening which should be fun!

Jenny Short. 22.09.2023

Get going on collecting images for Show Your Own !