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Members' success in the world of Triptychs

Cracked it!
John Scaife judged our October competition with the kind of sensitivity and good humour that demonstrates he understands the world of amateur photography and the politics of club competitions! He was very appreciative of the efforts of members who, until that point, were mostly self-confessed novices in the art of creating triptychs. Entries were down slightly, as we agreed to limit them to two, rather than three each, but the quality was good, and it was obvious that many had learned a great deal completing their entries. Certainly none of the “flippers” will forget to take any reversals of writing in the images into account in
future !
We learned a lot more listening to John’s feedback on overall composition and balance, and he willingly shared a wealth of technical suggestions without, I hope, de-motivating anyone considering whether to enter our next monthly challenge, which is focused on the equally creative theme, “Abstract”. The subjects of the entries ranged widely from animals and architecture, old cars and cutlery, portraits and paragliders, surfers and swans. Featuring the odd bit of ICM, abstract reflections and the more conventional results of travels to Venice and Marrakesh, there was much to entertain, and John’s commentary kept us engaged and interested all evening. Already a popular visitor to our club, members will be delighted to see him again in the future, and we thanked him for his time and the effort that he put in to the evening.

Colour Triptych:

Commended : Harvest Mice Diana Walker, Dahlias Tony Nineham, Kamchatka Bears Jill Toman.
Highly Commended: Trees Janice Cuer, Confederates Graham Nicholls

3rd Place: Jenny Short’s “Disused but not Discarded” 2nd Place: again, Jenny Short with “Viking Trio” and the eventual winner was Suzanne Ladd with “Severn Bridge”


Commended: Long Eared Owl Diana Walker, Cheetahs, Jill Toman, Flowers Jane Richardson
Highly Commended: Selfridges Birmingham Janice Cuer, Trees in Winter Diana Walker

3rd Place Jill Toman’s “Market Traders”, 2nd Place Tony Nineham’s “Wonky Old Doors” and 1st place went to Jenny Short with “Under the Judges’ Eyes”

Next week Jenny Short will be leading a practical session in which members will learn a bit about creating panels of images within the rules !

Jenny Short 22.10.2021