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Squirrel at Reflecting Pool

Diana's Year!

Lady on a mission !!!
Diana Walker’s presentation on Thursday to members showed just how extensively she travels in search of her images! In the past year alone she went from Ham Wall to hawks in Hampshire, from from Swell Woods to Swans and other birds at Slimbridge, not to mention her sortis to Ammerdown Woods, Ebbor Gorge and forsages in her own back garden!

Diana is passionate about wildlife and flora and fauna and whilst the first half of her chronological presentation was dominated by images from these genres, it was, on occasions, punctuated with photos of surfers at The Wave as well as club members scaling the heights of Glastonbury Tor or basking in the hawk Conservancy meadows in the heat of last summer! These added a touch of humour to the occasion, but we were all in awe of her expertise, not only in capturing the Koalas, Pandas, fawns and Lemurs that draw her back to these locations time and again, but in her extensive knowledge of the names of the butterflies and other flying insects that she captures so well and in such exquisite detail. I for one never knew that so many species lurked under my nose in the guise of fungi, orchids and small things that fly!

On club days out we are never surprised at the amount of photographic gear Diana carries with her in her quest, and we have learned to live with her lingering in hollows, nooks and crannies with her eye on things that to the rest of us remain a mystery. How she manages to travel lightly to far flung lands on photography courses we will never know, but she seems to manage, and we were treated in part 2 to the animal delights she was able to capture on a 2023 trip to Finland. There she dallied with huge Black Bears in the bogs and swamps and spent hours observing and anticipating their habits from the safety of the hides. These were spectacular shots, and the odd sighting of a Golden Eagle and a Wolf added to the magic of the experiences she shared. Then there were the Red Squirrels and their antics around the reflecting pool, as well as a host of butterflies and birds that she encountered on this most exciting and colourful of journeys.

It was a pacy, entertaining and informative evening, and we thank Diana for the hard work we know she had to put into it in the face of computer difficulties and so much material from which to choose>
Next week, accomplished Landscape Photographer, Ed Callacott will present prints and DPIs featuring his “Fine Art landscapes”, and the following week we have the pleasure of Beryl Heaton’s judgements on our DPI February Competition on the weather!

Jenny Short. 02.02.2024