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Members hit the streets!

Street Photography is the February focus.
Street scenes that tell a story from across Somerset provided a focus for our February Competitions, but those amongst the awards also featured street corners and characters in far-flung lands, despite the travel restrictions continuing to be endured by us all.

Amiable judge, Peter Weaver, has a strong, personal interest in portraiture, and was thus well versed in the art of street photography. His comments were both encouraging and constructive as he looked for interesting perspectives, vibrant colour and creative crops.

In the Colour section, Peter was drawn to the street artists and entertainers depicted by Jill Toman and Graham Nicholls, as well as the vibrance of the Souk submitted by Tony Nineham, and the characters dining on the streets of Glastonbury captured by Jenny Short. However, it was Jane Richardson who took 3rd place with her simple image entitled “Colourful”, and Janice Cuer who took 2nd with her “Colourful Characters”. The winner was Suzanne Ladd’s local street scene simply called, “This Way.”

The Mono section provided some interesting contrasts both in subject matter and techniques. Photos depicted a wide range, from single characters in various guises to large groups performing or practising, and from the razor sharp and the nicely filtered, via the impressionistic blur.

Jenny Short, Suzanne Ladd and Tony Nineham were commended for their respective entries “It Goes Like This”, “Eyes Right” and “Singapore Downpour” Tony Nineham was again on the board with his highly commended “One Man and his Dog”, as was Janice Cuer with her well positioned capture of “Top Man”.

Janice Cuer also took third place with her thought provoking image “Homeless”, whilst Jane Richardson recorded a second with “Man Talking into Phone.” Jill Toman’s “Early Morning Street Exercise Class” was the eventual section winner.

Congratulations to all those making the final cut this month, and thanks to Peter Weaver for his insight and good humour. The images can all be seen on the NRPS website, and are well worth a look, as are the efforts made by many to emulate our last speaker, Eva Polak, all in our Impressionist Gallery inviting comment. We look forward to our Annual Awards Dinner next week, at which we will miss our president, Margot Witcombe, unable to attend. Shortly thereafter we will be holding our online AGM, when we shall be planning the year ahead with some interesting ideas for innovation.

Jenny Short 18.02.2022