Inter Club Competitions

Inter Club Competitions

During the year NRPS takes part in a number of inter-club competitions that serve to ignite the competitive spirit locally, and provide pleasant social evenings at a variety of venues.
Let's get the best selection for the next competition!
Annual Tri Battle with Frome Clubs.

May 2018 the annual Tri Battle with Frome Wessex and Frome Selwood. .
Overall winners Frome Wessex (Selwood were 2nd and NRPS 3rd)

DPI Competition: 1st Frome Wessex, 2nd Frome Selwood, 3rd NRPS

NRPS won the following sections: "On the Beach " Jane Richardson, "Purple" Jenny Short , "Shoes" Suzanne Ladd

Print Competition: 1st Frome Wessex, equal 2nd NRPS and Frome Selwood

b]NRPS won the following sections: "Curves" Jill Toman, "Light and Shade" Jill Toman, "Pencils" Jenny Short.

Next year NRPS will choose the subjects and host the event. We look forward to that!