Inter Club Competitions

Inter Club Competitions

During the year NRPS takes part in a number of inter-club competitions that serve to ignite the competitive spirit locally, and provide pleasant social evenings at a variety of venues.
Let's get the best selection for the next competition!
Annual Tri Battle with Frome Clubs.

On Friday May 3rd 2019 we won the Annual Tri-Battle with Frome Wessex and Selwood clubs at Beckington Village Hall for the first time in 15 years of entering the competition!

We were hosting the event so there was much to organise in terms of refreshments and processes, compounded by the fact that our premises are not large enough to accommodate all three clubs so we had to use Frome Wessex facilities at Beckington Hall. Team Norton Radstock swung into action with a list of duties duly delegated at a planning meeting previously, and ran an event that lived up to all expectations.The refreshments were acclaimed by Wessex as “the best spread ever” and we have all members who contributed cakes and savouries, and Jane Robertson for co-ordinating the effort with a team of helpers on the night, to thank for that. Members were there in force to support the Committee, and Mike and Margot Witcombe were there as well, which was an added bonus. Jill Toman arranged the technology for the DPI, and also drilled her helpers , Bill and Graham, in keeping the prints organised.

With all that in place, it was the icing on the cake to actually win this year! Judge Mike Hendon had the unenviable task of “judging blind on the hoof” but provided useful commentary that appreciated the efforts of all, and justified his choices and rankings. As images randomly appeared on screens and print support frame in a different order this year, there was no indication of what club they were from, so no chance of any unintended, subliminal advantage for any team. Mike himself said afterwards that he was somewhat embarrassed by Norton Radstock’s early lead, as they won the first four sections in the DPI, were second in the 5th, and went on to be equally consistent front runners in both that and the Print competition after the break. However, in a subsequent e mail Mike said that it was testament to the high-quality images that the club presented on the night, and represented a well-deserved win.

NRPS were placed 1st in 6 of the 15 categories in the DPI competition, with second place achieved in a further 6. We won the DPI section as a result with 33 points compared with Frome Wessex’s 30 and Frome Selwood’s 27.
In the Print Competition NRPS were placed 1st in 7 of the 15 sections and second in another 6 sections- consistency that placed us first again with 35 points to Frome Wessex’s 29 and Frome Selwood’s 26.

Combined scores gave us a win overall with 68 points out of a possible 90! Frome Wessex were placed second with 59 and Frome Selwood third with 53. To say we were more than pleased with the result is an understatement!!
Well done Norton Radstock!!

The full results will be e mailed to members, and those pictures placed first in their section will be put into an album of which we can all be proud linked to this article on the website.

Jenny Short 04.05.19