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Door Detail Jill Toman

September Open DPI

Jill Toman takes 1st in both Colour and Mono
Members were privileged on Thursday to welcome Lee Spencer-Fleet as our judge for the September Open Competition. An accomplished photographer in her own right, Lee certainly has an eye for detail, born probably of her self-confessed passion for all things macro. She was generous in her advice over composition and texture, suggesting subtle improvements, whilst maintaining an understanding of context, personal preference and artistic intent, as well as mentioning in passing the ever present, accepted “rules” of competition, that are there to be broken, but that not always a judge’s choice.

Jill Toman took 1st place honours in both Mono and Colour sections with “Whitby Abbey” and “Door Detail respectively. Pamela Bruce-Lockhart’s intriguing “Way Out” was commended in the Mono, as was Suzanne Ladd’s “Caught Napping.” Janice Cuer’s “Hardy Monument” was Highly Commended whilst Graham Nicholls took 3rd place with “Skateboarder in the Air”, and Tony Nineham’s racing rendition, “Eyes Wide Open” was 2nd.

Suzanne Ladd was Commended for both entries in the Colour section: “The Wave” a subject outside her usual eye, and “Seagull” that was more recognisable as her usual subject matter. Janice Cuer’s “At the Fair” made the visit to the Mid-Somerset Show worthwhile as she achieved Highly Commended. and Pamela Bruce Lockhart’s travels to Slovenia paid off with a 3rd placed “Krizna Jam Slovenia.” Dan Clarke’s stunningly colourful entry “Graveyard in Bloom”, taken with a mobile phone, was second to Jill’s equally colourful “Door Detail”.

It is good to know we have some new members this year, and to see Margot once again, albeit on Zoom. Next week is another Zoom meeting before we get into the swing of normal monthly routines. Members are asked to be ready to “Show Their Own” efforts from the summer break, and also to include some from the recent practical table top session that started the season with energy. Limit to fifteen maximum each please!

There is much to photograph in the next few weeks with the Wells Food Festival and Motorcross at Leighton. In the meantime, I am off to the Boxing in Street on Saturday and a Tractor Run in Dorset on Sunday.

Jenny Short. 29.09.2023