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"Two Metres Please!" Jane Lewis

Featured in Countryfile Calendar 2022!

Jane Lewis is featured in Augustt!
NRPS member, Jane Lewis, turned out to be a bit of a dark horse this week, revealing in passing that she was a runner up in the prestigious 2022 Countryfile Calendar!. We gather she did not make the final twelve, but that her entry is featured as a smaller picture on the August page. Originally entitled “Two Metres Please!”, to reflect the Covid situation as Jane perceived it and intended it to be viewed, the powers that be altered it to “Get off My Land!”, which is a little strange given the attitudes that Countryfile usually reflect with regard to the English countryside!

Anyway, we are very proud of her efforts and want to give it, and Jane, wider recognition so we are featuring it in our Journal report and on the website this week. VERY well done, Jane- there were over 60,000 entries and you were in the 13th-24th group clearly !

Still busy with holidays and childcare, numbers attending our walks have dropped a little, as expected, but we still go!

Today (Friday) we are visiting the recently reopened Kilver Court Gardens at midday and are looking forward to meeting a potential new member, Michelle Curtis who hails from Writhlington and contacted us through the website. It’s good to know people are looking! Next week we must plan a slightly longer amble for those interested and all ideas are welcome!

Jenny Short 29. 07.2022