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Explaining Juxtapositions

No critique this week , instead members explain their choices for Juxtaposition Challenge:
Jenny says :
I renamed Wait for me Dad and called it "Long and Short Legs". I was miffed that the judge was so critical last week and suggested the tree be removed in the background What he did not realise was how much clutter I HAD removed in the top left corner. Surely in street pics you don't remove the context? This was a park ! I was going to submit my people in the snow that the judge did not get eithe,r but thought better of it! It would have been three in the frame with different focuses the snowman, the phone and then the horse was looking out of frame. Judge also said there was a halo and I had done something to the sky- it was actually thick fog in the background and I can only think that there was warmth coming off the horse and the man as it was bitterly cold otherwise !

"Life and death"was taken in a Churchyard around November time and I was actually looking for poppies for remembrance. Any way the rose was very alive and the gravestone hints at death so that 's why i think it meets the brief.

"The Rose and the Thorn" I set up deliberately for Juxtaposition I guess the rose is a symbol of love and sometimes that can be really prickly !

Graham says : Out of confusion my three have appeared. I set the smallflowering Cyclamen coum alongside the Iris 'Eyecatcher' with a slight
change in colour but change in size. The man and the boy I spotted whenin Jersey I think the man was paying for an icecream but I thought the
casual positions of both looked great for the future, definitely not Juxtaposition though. Jane and the squirrel was taken during the U3A
camera club visit to Bath Botanical gardens. Big and small, human andanimal? Whatever you like.

From Louise :
Young and old juxtapostion i hope
i hope this Pegs one ok i know they are pegs but after taking a few photos of things and showing them to my family i was told they weren't juxtapostioned
this was the only one they said was just about and questioned why i chose pegs!

From Pamela :

'Timeless'. I would have liked this sharper but I couldn't re-do it. I wanted to show ages coming together, grandmother and grandson.

'Now can you see me?' In this one I have the colour contrast and also the straight slab lines and the curved bit.

'A cup of what you fancy'. I love both these cups for different reasons. One is small and delicate and the other large and robust.

From Janice :
In my ‘Beware of Trains’image I liked the irony of the driver hanging out ignoring any danger
whilst the foreground sign clearly states that you need to be Beware.
In Leisure Time I stopped to photograph the cruise ship then noticed a man approaching. I waited for him to be in the right spot
and then, as a bonus he looked at his watch. Perfect timing,connecting leisure through cruising with clock watching.
Matching Accessories caught my eye for its neatness. Was it deliberate I wonder?

From Suzanne :
on her Juxta position work.
Choices: Contrasting footwear, to walk or sit, going out/staying in. A male take on footwear for a
Well Lit: Imposing one object against another. I chose a household lamp against a street one. For me, the
pole/wires are important because they are needed for both lamps. I thought mono suited the image and
idea best – light and dark. This was the most difficult to take of my three.
Apple and stripes: Having always wanted to take a picture using these Venetian blind shadows and
because I was inspired by the photograph of ‘Picasso with bread rolls’ (Robert Doisneau), I decided to
blend an arm along one of the stripes. Then I placed a brightly coloured apple for the eye to focus on and
finally arranged the fingers as if the shadow was going to grab it. Originally I did have the corner of the
red patterned settee in the top right corner, (was the apple going to roll under it?), but decided it was
stronger without it. Did it make you look twice, I wonder?

I really enjoyed composing these three images and hope they are a representation of Juxta work. Whether
or not they make the viewer look longer and think about them is up to each individual but enjoy anyway!
Must try harder I say to myself.

Jill says :
Little and large was fun playing with perspective on the very flat Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia
Suzanne a brightly coloured clothed female contrasts greatly with the naked crusty man!
The horse towing the barge looked incongruous with the roofs of the modern houses in the distance.

From Tony :
New Life From Dead Wood – On one of our regular walks there are a couple of dead trees with ferns growing from the trunks. I feel this gives the juxtaposition of something old and dead giving life to new growth.
Old Tech New Tech – I must admit this is an idea I saw on the internet. The old technology of a manual typewriter and a slide rule is juxtaposed with the new of an iPad which will do everything and far more than they can.
Shape and Colour – I like the different shapes and colours of the cups and saucers. I converted the image to monochrome as I felt it helped highlight the differences.