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Widecombe Fair Peter Weaver

The Peter Weaver approach !

Show time !
Peter Weaver is always a very welcome visitor to NRPS, and his return to “normal” face to face talks on Thursday proved to be the usual mix of good humour, great advice and some photos that just made us want to get out with our cameras and have fun! His talk “Welcome to the Show” featured the many public events and gatherings he has recorded over the years that he has been an ardent photographer, and his commentary took us back and forth across the land, via the multitude of slides and digital images in his impressive collection.

Peter looks for people doing things and looks to capture “stuff happening” His photos reflect his own infectious love of life, and a fierce determination to see the best side of it in Britain in his own, unique way.

His tour was brisk and colourful, and we were swept along to shows and events of amazing diversity, viewing through his eyes everything from the formal glory of the bands and the horses at the Royal Welsh to those who grappled and wallowed in the mud of the Lowland Games. Amongst his collection were many images that had ”done well in competitions”, but the majority were simply skilful takes on country life with dogs in corners, views from behind and included odd bits of paraphernalia that were simply there ! There were also inspirational reflections and a host of ingenious angles.

Peter often takes photos against the light, and along the way we were given tips and advice about how to make the best of scenes that present themselves. His images are awash with the colour and the joy of Brits in costume enjoying the Wassails and the folk dance, the music and the mud. He approaches people with humour and a smile, and reaps the rewards in his portraits of the characters that are there for the taking, whether they are glamourous young ladies, rock musicians of advancing years or small children and dogs. He captures life in all its glory, and encourages us to do the same.

From dogs to dodgems, steam fairs to festivals and everything in between, Peter’s presentation was a delight, and gave us plenty of food for thought when we set out, as we plan to this Saturday, to photograph the Midsomer Norton Wassail and associated antics. Whilst there will not be the grimacing faces of onion eaters, nor the grease and the grime of the mighty steam engines, there will be much to enjoy, and as a result of Peter’s timely talk we can hopefully mingle with confidence and come up with some inspired imagery.

Next week we are back to a Zoom meeting that will give us the results of the recent Open competition. The judge is newly trained so we will be on our best behaviour !!!
Jenny Short 13. 01.2023