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Beware of the Bull!

A walk that might have been on the wild side!

The wise avoid a close encounter!
Members enjoyed a Thursday evening watching a series of images from the 2021 WCPF entries. Spoilt for choice of category, we went for Travel, knowing that Jill Toman had two accepted there, together with Nature, Open and Mono, as these reflected the interest expressed. We will save the Creative section for another evening. Images were of a very high quality and featured a number of known colleagues in other clubs, so we were suitably both interested and inspired.

The Spring sunshine demanded a walk midweek as we had previously cancelled due to rain and wind. So, a good number of us gathered at Greyfield Woods which were bursting with blossoms and bluebells, and ferns getting ready to unfurl.

Mindful of the “Bull in Field” warning that we encountered, we made a sensible detour to reach the waterfall, although it required some tricky footwork to negotiate the makeshift crossing of the boggy bit! Reaching the top of the waterfall we lingered and took advantage of the many photographic opportunities it always affords. For many of us who had previously visited the popular site, this was a different angle of approach that we enjoyed.

On our return, circumnavigating the field we had previously judiciously avoided, we collectively held our breath, as a group of less cautious individuals, who were picnicking there, were forced to make a hasty, rather noisy retreat, from a solid looking group of inquisitive and excitable cows, that advanced relentlessly in search of goodies. The group remained seemingly blissfully unaware, that the larger animal, grazing (fairly) placidly, just yards to the rear of the herd, was the said bull, and that they had, in fact put themselves in a very dangerous position. Thankful not to have been witness to anything worse than mild panic and distressed children, we continued our walk along the valley and back to the road, pausing along the way to admire the view, the unravelling carpet of blue, and to chat as usual.

The summer stretches ahead, and we are busy planning a number of trips and outings that will give us ample subject matter to snap away at. In the meantime ,we look forward to the judgement next week on our efforts to illustrate “The Letter P”, and begin to think about what we might enter in the May Open competition. Take a look at the albums on our website to see what we do, and anyone who might want to join us in the coming season can find the application form in a link on the WELCOME page.

Jenny Short 22. 04.2022