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Adult and Juvenile Baboons by Peter Weaver.

Playing Host to Hanham and Kingswood Camera Club

A chance to socialise and appreciate others' work without the pressure of competition.
We hosted an enjoyable social evening with Hanham and Kingswood camera clubs at The Masonic Hall on Thursday at which members of the visiting clubs presented a range of their own images both in print and digital formats.

We began with prints from Geoff in trios on a diverse range of similar subjects from forests to beaches, zoos to wrecks , interspersed with visits to the Black Country Museum and the member’s own garage for some creative painting with light. Whilst NRPS members largely favour Canon cameras, our visitors waxed lyrical over the merits of their Nikon and Olympus models.

Peter then took us digitally to Wells Cathedral, Porlock Weir and a church in Devon, but as always showed us the many photos he takes at local shows and events, including interestingly, a recent Steam Punk Fair in Basingstoke. The club Chair provided us with his own take on the many subjects that he felt had all been taken previously, and kept us interested with memories of the many dogs that have shared his life so far.

Steve is known for his mono work, particularly suited to the street images that he takes around the world. We saw the stunning architecture of many of the towns and cities he has visited, including those in Canada, Europe and closer to home in Manchester and London. Whilst some celebrated the colour, all focused on the lines, angles, and symmetry to be captured in the sights. Sadly, a couple of their club members were unable to attend due to illness, and the final AV presentation failed to load on our aging laptop, for which we apologised.

Luckily the cake from Lou largely made up for the mishap, for which we are very grateful- we know she has had an eventful week in the wider media!
Members handed in their entries for the print Open competition which will be judged by John Scaife in a couple of weeks.

Jenny Short. 25.04.2024