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Competition Time! Pathways

Wins for Jill Toman and jane Lewis.
Our competition judge on Thursday, , Bob Phelps, was a newcomer to NRPS, but one who was refreshingly focused and straightforward in his comments, and very clear about his interpretation of the brief for the chosen topic, “Pathways”. He had a brisk, no-nonsense approach to commentary that used our Zoom time to good effect, but also provided us with some helpful tips and insights into his “less is more” mantra, so evident in his own work, if you take a look at his website. The fact that as a small club by most standards we manage to get 30+ entries into both colour and mono competitions regularly says a great deal about the enthusiasm that continues to prevail at NRPS.

In the colour section Suzanne Ladd, Jill Toman and Louise Bailey were commended, and Jane Lewis achieved two! Suzanne was successful in the highly commended ranking, as were both Tony Nineham and Pamela Bruce-Lockhart.
Third place went to Jane Richardson’s highly creative composite, “On a Journey” and new member Louise Bailey was deservedly placed 2nd with “Walkway to an Adventure.” The winner was Jill Toman with her beautifully composed “Tuscan pathway” taken on her relatively recent trip to the region between lockdowns.

Commended in the Mono section were Jill Toman, Janice Cuer and Graham Nicholls twice! Graham and Janice also achieved Highly Commended, as did Diana Walker and Jenny Short.

Placed third in the Mono Competition was Janice Cuer with her “Chequered Path” and Jenny Short achieved a second place with “Trudge up the Hill” depicting a damp day in old Frome. Jane Lewis is congratulated on winning the section with the beautifully tranquil “Canalside Walk” in the recent snow.

It was really good again to see pictures taken on the in-year walks and challenges being successful in competitions, and the winners were as warmly congratulated as the judge was thanked. All the winning images are on the website which anyone can access They are really worth a look!
Next week will feature the photos and commentary of Janice Cuer and jane Richardson, and there will be another local walk following this week’s at Newton St. Loe , which was led by Suzanne Ladd and featured a very welcome tea and a cake at the Farm Shop afterward- highly recommended!

Just a remiinder that the weekly challenge is the same as last week as you have two weeks to complete the still life in the style of the Old masters .

Jenny Short 16.04.2021