A few new techniques and viewpoints.
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Pamela: :
Jenny. My favourite is Hints of Autumn. I love the antique
feel and overtones of Dutch art. I could eat the apple. Garlic is
interesting and I could eat that too (cooked). I think ball point is
different but my eye travels to the white under the bottom pen. I would
crop banjo but I crop everything.

Graham. The colours in kiwi fruit and
glass vase are lovely, and tape measure is original, but my favourite,
which I love is vintage arrangement.The colours work so well. Should
there be a bit more room on the right not to crop the leaf?

Bill. Blood orange. Have you been watching gruesome TV over lockdown? It's very
interesting and a great conversation piece. Lamplight and gambling
could be part of the same murder scene. I love the angle of steps. I
can't decide if the white is too dominant or if it works.

Jane R.Oranges I think you have a very good eye. This photo would work well
with just the red background but the different colour adds interest. I
love it. Wonderful little spider and I really like the way his legs are
standing in the different colour. Tools is also good but my favourite
of all of them is screws. Very original, very sharp and I would love to
hang it on my wall.

Graham: I think the challenge was POV looking up but no worries! The glass is sharp from above and a nice simple shape and the tape measure is again from above.
The vintage arrangement is lovely and a definite work of art. I hadn't noticed the leaf that Pamela mentioned but just felt it might do with a bit more space around it . Nice textures and feel though.The Kiwi is a great flat lay on a table top so classic with nice colour and sharp.

Bill: The two table top arrangements are pretty sharp and well arranged -both food for thought!
Particularly like the steps and the yellow strips for me made it are the clouds slightly over exposed?

Pamela: wasn't sure the POV fitted the brief with the cyclist but reach for the sky certainly did and it was well exposed too.
The shells are good and the focus sharp with a nice arrangement and good texture I am not always a fan of a white vignette but this is just right for the image.
My favourite is the ballet dancer image. Is it black and white in terms of the photo? If not go back and make it so and increase the contrast a bit.

Jane R: I can see you used this to practise a few things I quite like the oranges with the ivy but would probably go for a cloth/backdrop from the opposite side of the colour wheel - say a deep blue? try it and see. The arrangement of tools I think on slate or similar gives great texture and is a really "gritty feel"
I think the spider is well placed in the square crop which i also like Is he a bit soft on the body? increase DOF more than you think with macro.
Screws are really interesting I have a feeing you inverted the image ? It looks like they were reflected and then rotated. Have you seen the ones they do like that where they look like the skyline of a city?