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Sandstorm in a desert?

Members get creative with abstractions !

Paper, lights, ACTION!
Our NRPS Zoom meeting on Thursday featured members presenting their images produced as a result of the practical evening two weeks ago on “Abstracts with Paper, Light and Texture”. These proved to be inspirational, with individuals putting their own stamp on the theme and excelling themselves in areas we had never seen before. Whilst Graham commandeered most of the supplies of tissue paper available in Radstock and surrounds, Tony resorted to coloured lights from his i pad and a number of old lightboxes were dusted off and used to good effect. We worried about Pamela falling off a chair as she attempted the practical at the time I presented it, and learned that Suzanne’s attempts resulted in her breaking a much loved lamp, but nevertheless we seem to have had a lot of fun, and produced some work that might well see the light of competition in the future. If anyone wants to send up to three of their images to me on the subject I will put them into their personal gallery on the website.

In the meantime September is almost over as is our September Challenge. The gallery is filling up and I now invite members (or anyone else who would like to comment) to go online and give feedback via Contact Us on the Mono Landscapes and the Portraits in the Environment that were the focus. Full details of the October Challenge that will feature Creative and Technical aspects will be on the website by Monday. The Creative Challenge will focus on creating a work of art out of anything on a table, whilst the Technical Challenge, based on getting down low for an alternative perspective on a common scene or everyday object will give further practice in point of view that we tried in Lockdown. Greater detail and some tips will be in the relevant section on our website so do take a look but get thinking in advance- you have the whole of next month to get down to it!

Next week we need to submit DPI entries for Sporting Life, a competition postponed previous to Lockdown. Sports photography opportunities have been few and far between of late but we need to try! Jill will be providing some AV material that she has held in waiting to fill the gap left in our programme that should next week have featured the now unavailable WCPF Portfolio of Travelling Prints. We look forward to her safe return from holiday and hope to see her in good health.

Anyone reading this who is interested in joining our Photographic Society can contact us through our website. You will be made very welcome and I guarantee the clicks on the camera will increase with membership!

Jenny Short