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Slovenia-Church in the mist

A photo tour from home and abroad!

Jill Toman's photos fill the evening.
Our programme secretary, Jill Toman, is an accomplished photographer with a special interest and skill in landscape photography. She usually schedules her own presentation evening towards the end of the season, and we always look forward to seeing her continuing journey and learning a little along the way. So it was that on Thursday last we enjoyed a feast of images taken in the past twelve months both at home and abroad.

The bluebells that abound in Somerset in May are a draw for us all, and the images she has taken at Wrington Woods are spectacular. Not known for her macro work, Jill nevertheless has attended courses to improve, and now makes good use of her 100mm lens with images of which to be proud.

Hailing from Dartmouth as she does, we can always expect a wealth of imagery from the area annually, and we were not disappointed by the coastlines and the steam trains to which she returns time and again, this year further enhanced by a local Town Crier Competition that caught her eye. Family ties take her regularly to the hills and vales of Yorkshire so that Ilkley Moor, Ripon Cathedral, Harrogate, the viaduct s and canals near Knaresborough and the lovely Bolton Abbey near Skipton, “gateway to the Dales”, featured heavily in the collection of photos from the UK. Again, outside her comfort zone, Jill took her camera to the West Country Wildlife Centre for information and shots of amongst other things, Badgers, Polecats and Pine Martens , succumbing eventually to the cuteness of the Harvest Mice!

Jill captured the stunning beauty of the mountains, lakes and forests of Slovenia, where she spent a recent photographic holiday, enjoying the autumn colour and lingering mists in an area that few of us have visited. The native churches and chapels were a particular feature that lend themselves to Jill’s landscape techniques, but we also learned of the Russian Chapel commemorating the death by avalanche fate of Resistance Fighters from WW1 defending a key mountain pass. Jill continually plays with light at dawn and dusk when in these foreign climes so that we really enjoyed the whole presentation. She finished on a lighter note, bemoaning her lack of success in capturing surfers at The Wave near Bristol on a ladies’ afternoon-we can forgive her that!

Next week we will hear the results of our latest Open Digital competitions via a Zoom date with familiar judge, Beryl Heaton. Suzanne Ladd is busy planning our June outings.

Jenny Short.12.05 2023