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Surviving Lockdown- Pamela's story.

A trip around pastures old and new.
Pamela Bruce-Lockhart, a member who in normal circumstances would have travelled the globe following her passion for travel photography, led our member evening on Thursday. Frustrated for a second year by pandemic restrictions, she was forced to look elsewhere for the images with which she entertained, but they were no less inspirational for that, and her humorous narrative had something for everyone that kept us very engaged.

The stories Pamela told of her survival during the lockdown periods were widely illustrated by the photos she has taken along the way. They clearly demonstrated the extent of personal learning in the art of photography that has come from the restrictions imposed upon us all. She has accompanied us on many of the walks, but has also followed her own interests with lone excursions as well as informed webinars and online instruction. Highly critical of her own abilities in many fields, Pamela is fast becoming known for her abstract images, and her creative use of in camera techniques, so that we were treated to some very capable Monet-like images of woodland and water, as she explored a number of themes such as “Trees” and “Reflections”. She is also well known for her somewhat quirky approach to life in general, and her forays into Bristol in solitary pursuit of a few ideas spawned on the group outings, yielded a host of very well executed street photos portraying corners of Bristol that many of us have never explored to any great extent. We thoroughly enjoyed the colours and the captions of the high-quality street art in and around the Montpelier area, where she was “looking for a Banksy”. Pamela’s astute observations in the urban environments, of both people and the more well-known Bristol landmarks were an absolute joy. How she was not arrested for looking intensely at people’s feet is a miracle!

Pamela often seeks out others in the group with talents from whom she can learn, and whilst she confesses not to be a table top expert as a result of Jenny’s efforts, she accompanied Diana on a few excursions to up her skills in wildlife photography. The resulting photos of Wildcats, Otters, Red Squirrels and a Mouse on a teazel (or was it a thistle!) are increasingly competent, and whilst her bird photography often features unique viewpoints that would not delight a judge of that genre, her love of the Fox shines through, and it looks like Anteaters are next on the list! She did manage a couple of mini breaks to Wales and to Ipswich, where she enjoyed a hot tub and where her land and townscapes were again a very strong feature. We especially enjoyed the abstractions of the yachts in and around the harbour in Suffolk.

It was an entertaining evening by a member who embodies what the society is all about- learning through a love of photography, and we look forward to next week, when Bill Collett will lead us through some of his excursions since last we viewed them. Members also handed in their entries for the next competition, which should suit Pamela, as its theme is “Abstract”.

Jenny Short 05/11/2021