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Inspiration in the wild and comments on the challenge

Looking to up our skills in nature photography.
The NRPS weekly Zoom meeting was once again well attended and member Bill Collett, also a member at Frome Wessex Camera Club, provided us with an evening of more images from the Frome Salon. The main presentation was of very high quality wildlife images, and these provided quite a talking point for those assembled. It was a stunning collection that reminds us just how much inspiration we as photographers can get from nature in all its glory.

With this in mind, I am crafting the Challenge this week with a clear focus of “In the Wild”, hoping that Thursday’s discussions and images will inspire members to get out there in the Spring sunshine and seek nature on our doorsteps. Wanting to add an extra dimension, and to ensure there is the opportunity for new learning outside the normal bounds of our comfort zones, I am suggesting that members take a look at the work of North Dorset based Jo Stephen, to see if any of her well documented creative techniques appeal.

For many years Jo has been creating images of wildlife in the landscapes of her rural home and a visit to her website (JostephensPhotography) will not only provide inspiration through her portfolio, but also give an insight into a number of techniques she uses. Of particular note is her use of intentional camera movement to capture gulls in flight, and methods she uses to she create ethereal images of plants and wild flowers in situ. It is certainly worth a look and we look forward to seeing some interesting work from enthusiastic members. Just have a go !

Jill Toman reminded us that entries for the next competition, “Pathways” are due by April 1st, and we are well placed for ideas for local walks, once the Lockdown lifts at the end of the month, to allow them again. Janice Cuer and Jane Richardson will be leading the first walk in 2021, having researched last week in the area around Beckington.

Jenny Short 26.03.2021

The weekly Challenge: In the Wild

Jenny says:
With no move on the allotted day and still no news of exchange and completion , I decided to take a day off and went out with the camera. I looked up Jo Stephens, and after a half hearted attempt at ethereal flowers that just gave me a crick in the neck and dirty knees, I decided to head for Chew Valley Lake in search of birds on the wing Nothing was flying in the wind so I had an ice cream and headed for trusty Wells in the hope of birds being fed at the moat by hordes of kids. I was not disappointed and after a few attempts I got the hang of Jo's panning and slow shutter speeds and headed home to process with the aid of Nik filters I was pleased with the results and determined to persevere . Hope the rest of you had fun !

Comments from Suzanne
I walked to the same local area on three days using a different lens each time. It was amazing to see the difference light made on my short outward and return journeys My chosen three: Pussy Willow, (focal length 85mm) with its blurred background, taken in camera with a slight texture put on afterwards to dull the white sky. ICM results were interesting and different with each lens and this shot, A splash of Yellow. (focal length 28mm) is as taken. The most challenging was getting a natural boggy location shot of the Marsh Marigolds - (focal length 85mm) .