Symmetrical efforts in Lockdown and a new challenge for this week.
We enjoyed looking at the Frome Salon of photos on Thursday and thank Bill for sorting out the images and controlling the technology.
The new challenge is now up for the week so take a look under that section for instructions. in the meantime all the images I have received for the symmetry challenge are now in the Gallery of that name and await your critique so please send in comments via Contact Us and I shall post them here as they are received .

From Pamela:
Jenny. Out of the three my favourites are processed symmetry
and radial symmetry. I like the dramatic effect. Processed symmetry
has an air of mystery; I'm not sure what it is. Radial symmentry is
like a piece of sculpture.
Janice. Draughts. Very eye-catching, I like
the drama but also its simplicity. Wonderful colours in circular,
reminds me of a puzzle that sets out to confuse you.
Louise. I gather
from what you have said that macro is something you enjoy. Paper heart
is a great composition. I find the tiles in the background a bit
distracting and unfortunately the paper is not quite sharp. Tiptoes. I
think this would have been so dramatic had the background been black.
The composition is good and the reflection adds to it.
Graham. Symmetry
in Roses. A really lovely composition and I love the colour of the
roses against the background. I also like Peace in Art apart from
whatever the turquoise book/leaflet is in the corner.
Jane R. I think
Radial works very well, simple and very sharp but my favourite out of
your three is Manipulated. I think this is excellent; it's a real
talking piece.
Tony. Diamond Nine is excellent. Perhaps you should ofer
it as a poster?
There are three without a name - someone is lucky
enough to have Selfridges on their local lockdown patch. I love the
composition, the angle and the colours. Face to face is a mystery - who
is it of and why? I love it.

Message from Jenny:
The unnamed ones were Jill's I ran out of time to do it as I had a busy week - she is now naming and re sizing !!
I enjoyed the challenge myself but I would wouldn't I ? The processed one was a teardrop shaped glass ornament that i reflected vertically and then took that image and reflected it again horizontally so the shape was repeated 4 times.
It was good to see Louise taking part and I particularly liked her Flower head. Pamela i was not too sure how the selfie and the stripes were symmetrical and need an explanation I did like the swing though

All the others were commendable but sadly i am again short of time this week and need to do some comments on the triptychs too!
Well done and keep them coming !!!