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The great outdoors -Sherborne last match before suspending play.

Meetings postponed until further notice.

NRPS regretfully closes its doors to members until the threat of infection goes away.
The decision was taken, after the Prime Minister's statement on Monday16th March regarding measures to be taken over the spread of Coronovirus, to suspend all meetings and activities until we can be sure that no-one is at risk from such gatherings. We have no way of knowing how long that will be, but in the meantime I have created a new section on our website called "Weekly Challenge" so that those who want to can continue to engage in photographic fun and games at a distance please engage with the new section and stay safe at all costs.

Members might also like to join the A Year With My camera group on Facebook. They start a new course every month and the next one to sign up for is April 2020. I did this a while back and although the first few weeks deal with pretty basic beginner stuff it is a good reminder of this and progresses to more challenging tasks and articles as it progresses certainly keeps you engaging throughout the year and if you get behind you can start again later in the year. groups from each cohort then evolve so AYWMC canon users and AYWMC Somerset , Wiltshire and Bristol is pretty useful as they have (or had pre-Corona) meet ups for walks locally.