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Can you see it in black and white ?

NRPS just having a go!

Men in hats, bubbles, oil and M and Ms, Fine Arts and Old Masters!
Our Competition judge, Ralph Snook, had to postpone his evening judging our triptych competition last Thursday, due to family circumstances, so we hastily rearranged our session to a practical evening led by myself at our Midsomer Norton Masonic Hall, a venue that is becoming very popular . Armed with tripods, cameras and remote release cables, members enthusiastically engaged with half a dozen tasks designed to push their creative skills, as well as their technical knowledge, to the limits.

Refreshed as always by teas and coffees as well as on this occasion, Louise’s luxurious Lemon Drizzle Cake, those who attended moved seamlessly between simple, traditional, still life set ups and arrangements of an abundance of silk flowers and foliage in the style of Rickard Osterlund, attempting to capture the essence of the style of the Old Masters, using single light sources and an array of supports and reflectors.

There was the opportunity to go abstract with oil on water over a dish of M and Ms, to tackle Fine Art techniques with a Lily, with the challenge to render it artistically in black and white, as well as to learn the art of exposure for rim lighting using glass objects, a strong light source and a couple of black cards. We were also fortunate to have available to us on the evening, two husbands, willing to don hats and patiently blow streams of bubbles when directed to, under the glare of the spotlights, and the watchful eyes of the ardent photographers!

It was a very pleasant evening, during which much was learned or trialled, and filed away for future use. People as always were supportive of others, and willingly shared their skills and knowledge, as well as their time and effort, to make the session go with a swing. We hope that all will go away and process the images they captured in their own style, and to their individual taste, and then bring the finished articles to some future Thursday evening, when we can admire their handiwork, and learn even more from like-minded friends. At the very least we shall dedicate a gallery on our website to the images so that anyone who is interested can look them up, although this may take a couple of weeks!

Next week is the deadline for handing in Competition entries for November on the “Typically British” theme, and we learn the outcome of the October Triptych Competitions. There is much to look forward to as the following week we will hear Marco Dukta’s presentation entitled “The Going Down of the Sun”.

Jenny Short 28. 10.2022

PS Do send me your effors from this highly enjoyable evening, so I can start the Gallery.