RECENT NEWS > Diana takes POY with a beautiful landscape taken locally.
Somerset Levels at sundown. D Walker

Diana takes POY with a beautiful landscape taken locally.

Reduced entries but quality retained.
Simon Caplan from Bristol judged our 2023 Picture of the Year, and very helpfully delivered the results in person at our face-to-face meeting in The Masonic Hall. Entries were down on previous years, largely because members have not quite returned to producing their work in the printed form following the long period when we all went digital and used Zoom. We are hoping members will be encouraged by the successes to return to the medium this year.

Simon’s helpful comments were well received by members, and he delivered a number of useful practical tips during the evening, in a relaxed and very supportive manner. He was very clear about what he was looking for in a photo and shared this willingly. He seeks subjects of unusual interest, evidence of good composition and an understanding of light. In portraits he might look for engagement and often eye contact with the subject, to experience an emotional reaction, and to wonder at the hint of a story within the image. It is with these criteria in mind that he made his decisions and results were as follows:

Sport/Action – 1st Tony Nineham “Eyes Wide Open” 2nd Suzanne Ladd “Go with the Curl” 3rd Jill Toman “Motorcross Sidecar Race” and HC Jenny Short “Out in Front””

Portrait/People – 1st Jenny Short “Pavement Poet”, 2nd Jill Toman “Omani Man” , 3rd equal Bill Collett “Antonia” and Suzanne Ladd “Caught Napping”, with Tony Nineham’s “Waiting for Christmas” HC

Landscape/Seascape/Cityscape- 1st Diana Walker “Somerset Levels”, 2nd Suzanne Ladd “Burnham Scape”, 3rd Janice Cuer “Whatley Quarry” with Jill Toman’s “Whitby Sunset” HC

Any Other Subject – 1st Jill Toman “Lady in Red”, 2nd Diana Walker “Red Squirrel Reflection”, 3rd Tony Nineham “Fish Breakfast” with Jenny Short HC for “Evening Stroll”.

Diana Walker was proclaimed the overall WINNER OF PICTURE OF THE YEAR with her beautiful image from the Somerset Levels at sunset with an evening murmuration
Images will be displayed at our Awards Dinner on the evening of March 7th. Next week Diana Walker leads an evening featuring her photographic adventures in the past year.

Jenny Short. 26.01.2024