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Stag by Ann Aveyard

Ann Aveyard-Wildlife Photographer Extraordinary!

A journey into the wild
Ann Aveyard has become an accomplished wildlife photographer since her retirement in 2010 from a career in Nursing. Whilst since then she has endeavoured to develop her photographic skills in a range of genres, her mind, body and soul are totally committed to her passion for photographing animals in the wild, particularly those to be found in Florida and Kenya as well as those closer to home in the UK.

When she spoke to us on Thursday, members were treated to an evening of outstanding images, accompanied by a fine mix of narrative, advice and information from someone who champions the cause of animals in their environments, and faithfully records the conflicts between the species themselves, as well as between humans, whether they be natives or visiting tourists who boost the economy, and the beautiful creatures with whom we must share the limited resources of this Earth.

Rarely have we seen such an amazing range of high quality photographs within a theme. Simple images of birds in the back garden provided the context for useful advice on camera settings, composition and post processing, whilst capturing elusive hares and rutting stags in early morning mists, or against a setting sun, clearly illustrated the patience and persistence required to achieve the level of photographic expertise that Ann so clearly has.

Ann shares a love of Puffins on Skoma and Red Squirrels on Brownsea Island with Louise Scholes, who introduced Ann to us . Louise was sadly unable to attend the Zoom, but like others who missed it, will be able to enjoy the Zoom recording we made, and the links that Ann has since provided to the powerful sequences of images she showed us taken on safari in the Masai Mara Nature Reserve. These accompanied the, often unashamedly graphic , records of life in unforgiving, albeit shrinking environments, where nomadic man and magnificent beasts compete to survive and thrive. This was a truly outstanding and inspiring evening for which Ann was warmly thanked.

Next week Pip Rabbitts, enthusiastic member turned judge, bravely gives her opinions on our latest entries for the competition entitled “The Letter R.”

Jenny Short. 22.03.2024