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North to Scotland, Spitzbergen and Alaska

Duncan and Deborah brave the cold and the wet and embrace The North
The NRPS warmly welcomed Duncan and Deborah Armour back as presenters, knowing that “Scotland, Spitzbergen and Alaska”, postponed from March as a result of Covid-19, would be well worth waiting for. We were joined by a number of members of Warminster Camera Club in the second session of a collaborative venture to share and enjoy each others’ resources in this strange new era of virtuality.

Ably assisted by Deborah, Duncan crafted a splendid commentary that blended poetic and philosophical wisdom with their amazing images These are characterised by the skillful use of light and contrast, action and serenity, and an undoubted expertise in the ability to communicate high drama. It was certainly an evening to remember.

On their wide-ranging journeys, on this occasion going North, they took us via highlands and islands, through woodland and rivers via the mountainous regions of far flung lands such as the Outer Hebrides and the Alaskan wilderness. We were treated to a range of very different images that featured whales and wildlife in the water, enduring patterns in the snow and the sand, on beaches under hauntingly blue, star studded skies, and mountains shrouded in high key mists. There was simply no end to the range of skills used to capture the smallest insect on the colourful flowers and fauna, that brought joy to Graham’s heart.

We moved from the beauty of the night sky, its stars and elusive Northern Lights, to the sheer power and awesome presence of bears balancing on rocks in search of salmon, or basking in the sun with contented offspring. These were captured, story telling moments to savour and enjoy, and I am sure we learned a great deal from the use and careful explanation of backlighting and composition that Duncan revealed throughout the evening. These two make it look so easy, if a little cold and wet, but we were left in awe of the beauty of the landscapes and the sheer genius of the wild. There is no doubt in my mind that there is far more to Duncan and Deborah’s craft than “lining up bits of rock!” I hope they feature again in our programme, and we are only too pleased to make a contribution to the Charity of their choice, the RSPB by way of thanks.

Next week we gather virtually again for the outcome of the competition entitled “Sporting Life”, and the following week we will enjoy an evening with Suzanne Ladd. Our weekly walks are becoming popular and we have Jill Toman and Pamela Bruce Lockhart to thank for the last two, and look forward to a look at the woods around Ammerdown that Diana Walker promises to lead on Wednesday afternoon.

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Jenny Short