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The AV group presents.....

This important sub-group of the Society proves again just how compelling combining music and photography can be, and how it lifts the spirits.
The Audio-Visual group that exists within the wider membership of NRPS meets regularly throughout the season to apply their own brand of music and mastery to the images they create. What they produce is unique to them and really interesting to the rest of us, so when they annually entertain us with a box of delights, as they did on Thursday, we sit back, relax, let our spirits soar and our souls be soothed!

The group puts together a number of short video sequences of their photos and each provides an accompaniment of music that fits their chosen theme. We get the chance to see images, often not previously shared in competitions, combined in a manner that reflects their author’s unique personality and attitudes to life in general. The first part of the evening gave each an opportunity to choose a theme close to their heart, and in the second half their efforts were directed towards illustrating a song of their choice.

Geoff and Suzanne’s visit to Namibia was beautifully accompanied by the ululations and unique chants of African singers. Whilst Geoff put together a host of imagery inspired by the larger game of a Namibian landscape, dominated by Elephant and Giraffe, and with Zebra and Impala stalked by Lions, Hyena and Jackals, Suzanne’s love of the sea and all its creatures shone through in direct contrast. Suzanne’s later and long anticipated illustration of the song “Winter Warmers” was certainly worth the wait. Both Janice and Rex treated us to their own interpretations of this year’s Festival of Light at Longleat that featured the magical and mysterious Mythical Beasts of legendary acclaim. These towered above us, shining in the winter’s night in threatening poses, reminding us of the stories we learned at school. Janice used her humorous approach to life, love of family and eye for details to delight us to the sounds of the song “All Kinds of Everything”, whilst Rex’s song echoed a certain sadness, and hints of memories resurfacing.

Jane took a look at the colour and celebration at the Bath Carnival from the summer months, and cleverly put together a narrative in picture and song that captured the iconic journey of “The Owl and The Pussycat”. The artist in Diana surfaced with her interpretation of Bright Bold Colours, that featured balloons, butterflies and blooms, as well as firework displays, and her wildlife passion inevitably prevailed with the illustrations accompanying the song “Busy Bee”. Jill took us again through the colourful alleys and walkways of her Moroccan holiday, and later on a trip down memory lane in the docks of Bristol past, with a skilful presentation illustrating the song “Spanish Oranges”.

Each photographer ended the evening with a short AV of their day, as it was spent, on the designated 15th January 2020 as chosen by Suzanne Ladd. The AV group continues to be a valued part of our organisation, and offers a welcome alternative to the rigours of competitions, and the informative speaker evenings that are our trademark.

“The letter N” is the focus for the March print competition and entries need to be in by Thursday 5th March, which is also the date of our AGM.

Jenny Short