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How on earth....?

New Season!

    First meeting is a PRACTICAL SESSION!
    We begin our 23/24 season on 7th Sepember with a face to face meeting at the Masonic Hall. Come for a prompt 7.30pm start. Membership fees should by now have been paid by existing members, but the summer activities have led me to believe we may well see some potential new members so please make them feel welcome and introduce yourselves.

    There wil be the usual £2.50 attendance fee which Pamela will be chasing you for, and as you know. that covers the evening session and delicious cake and a hot drink.

    It will be a practical session led by me and the activities will feature intentional camera movement, long exposure techniques and multiple exposures, all in the context of what I fondly refer to as "table top srtuff"

    so.......... come prepared to do table top stuff equipped with with the following:

    • your preferred camera

    • a tripod

    • one or two lenses that you are comfortable with using indoors- a macro if you have one and a zoom lens that goes to a wide angle or a prime wide such as a 16mm or similar

    • a cable or remote release (or know how to set the delay feature or Bulb)

    • an ND stopper filter if you have one. for the wide angle option if possible (not essential)
    • Hopefully you will know how to set :
      • the aperature, shutter speed and ISO

      • for multiple exposures in camera if yours does it

      • exposure compensation + or -

        if you are not sure, dont worry but do try and have some idea before the evening as, although I am pretty good with Canon menus it takes me longer to sort out on other makes .

        Looking forward to seeing everyone again for what looks like a good season of clicking!