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A new start to the Autumn season and a new venture!

Back to some sort of normal but cautiously.
A warm welcome back after a month off and a mixture of weathers to keep the shutters clicking or perhaps battened down! A big thanks to all who have kept the flag flying for the Society since the enforced countrywide lockdown prevented any further meetings in March. It's been a struggle but most members have stayed the distance and paid their membership so thank you. The colours of Autumn await, and whilst we have, wisely in my opinion, made the decision not to have physical gatherings until at least January to avoid possible risks to our members, we are happy to say that with a few minor adjustments the planned programme will go ahead VIRTUALLY through Zoom meetings that will take place for an hour and a half every Thursday from 7.30pm. (We now have the use of unlimited time on Zoom as I have paid half the sub and the club the other half for shared use of the upgrade for the year.) I am really hoping that, with a bit of help from Bill, perhaps Margot can be persuaded to join us online regularly

The new arrangements start on Thursday 3rd of September and Jill will be sending out her usual weekly e mails in advance so you are all alerted , and I shall make sure that she has the Zoom invitation to include in that for you all. The first week involves handing in digital photos for our Open Competition ( You have probably already submitted these, but if not now is the time to do so), On this first Thursday it is “Show Your Own” photos from your recent work. PLEASE CAN YOU LIMIT THE NUMBER TO 15 images for all such evenings from now on.

If anyone needs to practise putting their images onto a shared ZOOM screen please contact me in advance, and I will help you with a run through. If you don’t feel it is something you can do, but still want to take part, then please send ME the images you want to show and I will do it as host- just make sure they come to me by about Tuesday 6pm so I have time to organise!

I have heard this week from the MSN Journal that they will be resuming publications from September 14th, so I shall go back to submitting weekly reports of our activities to them as before. The other thing that I shall be doing in response to member requests is to set regular photographic challenges similar to the ones many of us enjoyed weekly throughout the summer. These will be completely separate from the rest of the programme and/competitions, and totally voluntary. I will run them on a monthly rather than weekly basis, and photos submitted will be put into named Galleries as before and there will be the opportunity to give and receive critique via the website contact site. Challenges will go up onto the website on the last Friday of every month so the first for September will go up there today 28th August and the October Challenge will be up on 25th September. Look out for these and keep reading the RECENT NEWS. Members will be invited to engage in two activities and submit two of their best photos for each activity by 6pm on the last Thursday of the month (no more than 4!) for the Gallery and comment. Please go to the new section called MONTHLY CHALLENGE for full details, which will be all sorted by the end of today.

I have really missed the club and the social contact it gives us all over the past month and look forward to getting back into the routine again! Do stay safe- I gather MSN is something of a Covid “hot spot” currently.

Jenny Short
August 28th 2020.