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Mosques,_Minarets_and_ Mausoleums_Jill_Toman

April print Competition: The Letter M

Lots of mud in M!
Returning to Norton Radstock to judge the April print competition, judge Beryl Heaton commented positively on the high standard of work with which she was presented and the fact that the competition for awards had been hot. “The Letter M” inspired members to produce photos of a wide range of subjects in both colour and monochrome that ranged from markets and mannequins, macaques and mountains as well as an abundance of mud! This particular subject matter gave ample opportunity for all to pursue their own particular interests and preferences in terms of style and genre.

Beryl was very appreciative of the efforts made by all, and had clearly taken the time to enjoy examining each entry with humour and the usual expertise. Describing the merits of composition and technique, both in camera and post processing, Beryl outlined cheerfully the beauty and the detail she saw in each entry, as well as the distractions within them that prevented many from making the ultimate cut. Members appreciated her constructive feedback and helpful comments, and took the time during the refreshment break to further examine all the entries socially together.

It was Jill Toman who dominated the top spots once again with first place as well as a highly commended in the colour section and first and second place in the monochrome. Her travel images continue to have great visual appeal, and as she is leaving this week for a trip to Morrocco, there will undoubtedly be more to come! Meanwhile Bill Collett got into the frame as well with all three of his mono entries making the final cut.

In the Colour section:
Commended: Suzanne Ladd “Maelstrom at Porthcawl”,
Highly Commended: Jenny Short “Mister Motivator”, Jill Toman “Milky Way over Monument Valley”, and Graham Nicholls “Making a Big Bang”
3rd place: Janice Cuer with “Murder Mystery”,
2nd Diana Walker “Mountains in the Highlands”
and the winner was Jill Toman with “Mosques, Minarets and Mausoleums”

In the Monochrome section:
Diana Walker and Janice Cuer were Commended for “Young Monkey” and “Mannequins” respectively, whilst “Misty Morning” by Suzanne Ladd, “Marathon Men” and “M M” both by Bill Collett, and “Musicians “ by Ivy Goatcher were Highly Commended. Bill then took 3rd place with his creative rendering of “Morgan 3”, and Jill Toman achieved second with “Myanmar Fisherman”, taking the highest honours with a well composed “Moroccan Market”.

Next week we look forward to a presentation entitled “In the Footsteps of Shackleton” by Duncan Armour and Deborah Collings, to which non members are warmly invited. Why not come along and be entertained? 7.30pm at the Social Club in Midsomer Norton.

Jenny Short 19.04.19