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New talent on display.

Members have the chance to show, and talk about, their own work, outside the Competition context that sometimes restricts their more creative interests.
On Friday 3rd May we engage in the Annual Tri-Battle with Frome clubs at Beckington. Armed with prints and digital images together with refreshments, as we are hosting the event this year, we look forward to some successes.

The weekly meeting on Thursday 2nd was a gentle “Show Your Own” event at which we regularly encourage all members to showcase what they have been up to in recent months, other than their competition entries. This always reveals some hitherto unknown talents, and on this occasion, it was newcomer, Martin, with his selection of scenes illustrating the creative use of filters and long exposures that filled the bill. Martin’s work takes him off to sea for short periods, and unsurprisingly his images often feature water, cascading in torrents off the Brecon Beacons, or meandering milky smooth around coastal features. We also saw evidence of some very capable landscape photography using light imaginatively in London at night or catching the Matterhorn at dawn. He is also, we believe, our only member with a drone! One to watch we feel!

Graham Nicholls, well known for his passion for flower photography, combined this with newly learned Photoshop techniques thanks to involvement with a Facebook photographic group. We were treated to the usual sharp images of a wide variety of blooms, but this time framed and displayed in a number of highly sophisticated scenes and settings that really did him proud. Ivy showed us graffiti adorned corners of Bristol, as well as images of Stourhead in November glory, whilst Diana’s long walk between Radstock and Great Elm gave her ample opportunity to try out her new lens. She photographed the wildlife and fauna along the way. Bill’s images showed again his interest in shadows and reflections as well as demonstrating ongoing experiments with water and with glamour photography. This time there were hints of darker images with cemeteries and tarot cards used to dramatic effect. Jane used the opportunity to explain the extent to which she is now experimenting with shutter speed on walks by the railway, and depth of field on intriguing Parrot Tulips in her garden, as well as deepening her knowledge of abstracts using oil on water techniques.

Janice bravely ignoring her tendency to vertigo, photographed the interior of an upside down house in Bournemouth, and amongst other things, Jenny showed images from the Mathilda Temperley “Portraits in the Landscape” course that she and Jill had attended recently, featuring them both on a windswept Tor, in mortal danger of toppling! Jill, recently returned from Morocco, concluded the evening with a short presentation of images of the sights and sounds of a much-changed venue previously visited, lamenting the more negative attitudes towards photographers that she encountered there this time. A sign of a changing world, sadly.

Next week Janice Cuer will lead the first half of an evening featuring her travels. This she had originally planned with Jane Richardson , who now cannot attend. Jenny Short will step in to fill the second half with images of Somerset cricket, and a short talk about just how much there is to learn about this type of sports photography.

Jenny Short 03.05.19